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Ant Prevention And Control Tips From Long Island Exterminators

Spraying ant spray on a house

Have the ants come marching in? Maybe they’re in search of food, or if they’re carpenter ants, maybe they’ve decided to take up residence inside your structure; but one thing is for certain: ants don’t belong inside your home.  If you are reading this, there is a good chance you’ve already got these pests inside your home. You may be seeing pavement ants, odorous house ants, pharaoh ants or the dreaded carpenter ant; all of these are social insects, so seeing just a few of them here or there means there could be an army of ants that will follow. What can you do to control these pests? Here are a few control measures you can take from your NY exterminator friends at Parkway Pest Services that will both help you get rid of your current ant infestation and prevent ants from returning to your home:  

  • Keep food out of reach. This includes any foods that may be on your counters or in your cupboards. If ants can’t get to these foods, their food sources inside your home are greatly diminished.
  • Fix leaky faucets and eliminate any especially damp areas in your home. Ants need moisture to survive and some ants (carpenter ants included) are attracted to damp areas.
  • Don’t leave openings for ants to find. This means you need to seal up any cracks or holes in the exterior of your home where ants may be getting inside. Make sure window and door screens fit securely and are free from holes and rips.
  • Trim back bushes and trees so they don’t touch the exterior of your home. Ants will use outdoor vegetation as a bridge into your home given the chance.
  • Move woodpiles away from the home. Woodpiles are a popular nesting place for some types of ants and if you have a pile too near your home, ants may use your home as their own personal buffet. 

These ant control tips should help to keep an ant infestation inside your house to a minimum as well as help to deter ants from entering your home in the future. Sometimes though, as some of our customers can attest, ants may be finding sources of food or moisture in places in your home unbeknownst to you, thus they continue to enter and thrive inside your home, despite your best control efforts. If this is the case, you need professional ant control assistance. That’s where we come in. We’re ready to help you with your NY ant problem today; just give us a call and we’ll set up an inspection for one of our certified technicians to visit your home and assess the problem.  Our technician will determine a home pest control strategy that is right for your property and we’ll have the problem under control in no time. Don’t waste your time or money on DIY ant control; we know it doesn’t work and sometimes it can even make the problem worse! Contact Parkway Pest Services today and let us do it right, the first time!