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Mistakes To Avoid With Cockroaches

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Cockroaches. Just the word can conjure up visions of disgust. These things make our skin crawl, whether they are crawling across the ceiling, surprising us in a just-opened purse, or scurrying across the floor in large numbers. Cockroaches are disgusting, especially if they are allowed to grow their populations. But, beyond the disgust factor, these filthy pests can poison food, taint food prep surfaces, and spread diseases and allergens throughout a structure. Here are some tips that work to help folks avoid cockroaches and some mistakes that can be made when implementing these pest control prevention methods.

What Will, And Won't, Work

  • Keep your property free of overgrowth and clutter. Pests love yards that are cluttered and overgrown because these conditions provide them with places to hide, and moisture and water sources. Removing these hiding places will help to keep roaches at bay but they won't do anything to get rid of cockroaches that have already gotten inside.
  • Make sure things are dry. Fix leaky spigots or hoses. Clean out and repair blocked or damaged gutters. Fix areas of ground that hold water. And trim bushes and other vegetation back away from your foundation. Removing attractants is important but cockroaches can come in close to your foundation perimeter for no other reason than because it is there. So, this is not a solution on its own. It must be combined with a perimeter treatment for effective exclusion. And this should be done by a trained and certified pest management professional.
  • Prevent odors. Make sure all trash is in tightly sealed containers, don't leave pet food or other food sources outside and, if you have compost, keep it well away from your exterior walls. Be aware that cockroaches are resourceful pests that are able to squeeze through tight gaps and chew through plastic garbage bags. Make sure things are really sealed tight. And wash your trash cans periodically.
  • Seal holes in your outer structure. Examine the foundation of your home or business and seal up any gaps, cracks, or holes you find. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can do this one step and be done with cockroach exclusion. Roaches can scale walls, walk across ceilings, and squeeze through gaps half their body size. Pest treatments are required for complete exclusion.

Another mistake people make is to try and arrest a cockroach infestation with DIY methods. The truth is roaches can multiply faster than you can trap them, and while some pesticides work to kill cockroaches, these pests have natural defenses which help them avoid areas where pesticides have been applied. And, when applied wrong, the use of pesticides can lead to greater sickness than simply living with the roaches in the first place! Though some DIY solutions help to reduce cockroach populations temporarily, they rarely work as a complete solution.

Cockroaches are disgusting and dangerous pests to have inside your structure. For complete elimination, reach out to Parkway Pest Services for prompt and professional residential pest control solutions.