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Early Termite Recognition Saves Money


We can't overstate how important it is to recognize the warning signs that termites leave. When these insects get into a home, the damage they cause accumulates over time. Catching them early can save you a ton of money. Here are three ways to detect these silent home-wrecking pests early.  


Learn to recognize the signs termites leave, and do an inspection once or twice a year. You're going to want to look in hard-to-get-at locations like crawl spaces, basement storage areas, underneath porches or decks, behind or underneath exterior stairwells, and on exterior walls that get a lot of shade.

What do look for?

  • Mud tubes. The most destructive termite in the U.S. is the subterranean termite. These termites are moisture pests that must establish mud tubes to access a home that does not have wood that touches the soil.
  • Swarmers. While swarming termites are often considered to be a sign of an impending infestation, they are actually a sign of a current, mature infestation. When a nest matures, it produces swarmers for the purpose of making more nests. If you see swarmers, some damage has already been done, but you may be able to prevent more.
  • Wood damage. Subterranean termites hardly ever show themselves, and their damage is usually on the inside of wood. But in moist, shaded areas around a home, these termites can sometimes cause damage that is visible.


It may seem like the warning signs above are simple to see but, the truth is, they are easily missed, even by a professional home inspector. That is why more and more lenders are requiring a certified termite inspection. When a certified professional does an inspection for termites, there is a much greater chance that subtle signs will not be missed.


Termites can attack a home at any time. The best way to prevent damage is to stop those termites at the very moment they come to feed on your home. When you have a year-round termite control plan, you have ongoing protection from the destructive impact of termites.

If you're in our New York service area, contact Parkway Pest Services to set up termite protection for your property. We are an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. Sentricon® with Always Active™ doesn't just stop termites, it strikes back at the colony that sent them. When it comes to preventing termites, there is simply no better way.