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Four Easy & Effective Pest Protection Tips For Westchester Property Owners

Yard cleaning to avoid pests

By the time summer is over, most Westchester property owners are tired of thinking about bugs and other pests that plague us throughout the warmer months of the year. But when the weather cools is no time to get complacent with proper pest control — much the opposite. Learning why thorough, proven fall pest protection is needed will help you stay pest-free all year.

Why Are Pests A Problem In The Fall?

While many of the most common pests are most active during the summer, especially bugs like mosquitoes and cockroaches, pests are by no means dormant during the fall and winter. Many common pests use the cold months to dig into human properties, which provide easy access to food, water, and warmth that will help them survive the winter. So, the end of summer is the most important time of the year to protect your property from pests looking to infiltrate and form nests inside. Only through early prevention steps can you hope to avoid an infestation during the latter half of the year.

Pest Prevention Tips For Your Property

If you wait until you notice a pest problem to address it, chances are it’s too late. Instead, you should take steps to ensure that your property is less attractive to pests hunting for shelter. You can accomplish this through these simple steps:

  • Food storage: Foraging pests can survive on the merest of food sources. Tiny crumbs or traces left behind can attract pests to your property, so be sure to deep clean regularly and store food in impenetrable containers. 
  • Trash storage: Pests don’t care if something is in the trash or on a counter. Make sure your trash bags and garbage bins are sturdy. 
  • Moisture control: Many pests prefer damp areas, and all of them need water to survive. Reduce the moisture in the rooms in your house with proper ventilation and plumbing maintenance.
  • Inspections: While the above steps are things you can do on your own, only a trained set of eyes can truly make sure you’ve looked for everything. Rather than go it alone, enlist the help of a pest professional who can provide you with a thorough inspection of your property.

More Fall Prevention Tips

Since pests generally live outdoors before moving into our homes and businesses, it’s also important to make your yard and exterior less attractive to them. Here are some prevention tips to address those areas as well:

  • Landscaping: Unruly yards are magnets for pests. Keeping grasses, trees, and decorative plants trimmed to manageable lengths will reduce the likelihood that pests can wait in the yard for a chance to invade.
  • Debris and storage: Yard debris leftover from landscaping or materials improperly stored near structures are also pest attractants. Any materials or piles can act as nesting grounds for pests, so clear these out or move them well away from any structures.
  • Crack sealing: Small insects can make it inside through tiny holes or cracks, so you should frequently check for these access points around your exterior and make repairs where necessary.

The Best Tip: Partner With The Pros

Because it’s a matter of survival for them, pests will stop at nothing to find a way indoors for the winter. That’s why even clean, well-maintained homes can find themselves with an infestation in the fall. While you can take preventative steps yourself, why not partner with local experts to make sure you’re addressing everything? At Parkway Pest Services, our friendly staff can give you even more helpful tips and set you up with a thorough inspection that determines your level of risk to fall pests. If we find any problems, you can count on us to eliminate them and implement measures that protect you from future infestations.

Don’t get complacent on fall pest prevention, turn to Parkway Pest Services right away.