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Are Camel Crickets As Dangerous As They Look?

Carmel cricket

Imagine you are in the basement minding your own business, finally tackling that mound of laundry or getting to that organizing that you have been putting off for months, and out of the corner of your eye, you see it, a creature that could probably induce nightmares for weeks. Upon closer inspection, you see that it is some sort of bug that has a very obvious humpback, very long, spider-like back legs, is equipped with long antennae, and is a less than appealing mottled brown color. While you may be tempted to think that your only option is to move, the professionals at Parkway Pest Services are here to tell you not to get out the “for sale’ sign quite yet. What you have probably found living inside of your home are camel crickets; and while there is no doubt that these creatures are ugly and a bit frightening to discover, they are certainly no reason to find a new house for your family to live in!

The good news when it comes to camel crickets is that you don’t have to worry about you, your kids, or your pets being harmed by them, they are not considered to be a dangerous pest. Camel crickets don’t bite and are not known to transmit diseases to people. Another “good thing” about having camel crickets in your home is that they are quiet. Camel crickets are wingless and are unable to produce any chirping sounds and therefore are unable to test your patience through insistent chirping. But, just because camel crickets are considered to be a nuisance and not a danger, it doesn’t mean that you want these pests confusing your home’s damp dark basement for a cave, a place that they can typically be found living in. Inside homes, camel crickets can cause damage to clothing, furniture, and other fabric items by chewing holes through them and because of their silent nature they can be difficult to located and remove.

The professionals at Parkway Pest Services want to help you prevent camel crickets from taking up residence inside of your home by offering some easy to execute camel cricket prevention tips!

  • Eliminate places that camel crickets can enter into your home by inspecting your home’s foundation and exterior walls, repairing any cracks that are found. Make sure that door sweeps have been placed on all exterior doors, especially basement doors; weather stripping should be placed around all windows and doors, and covers should be placed on all vents entering into your home.
  • Remove the things from your property that camel crickets could be attracted to live under. Place any woodpiles a distance from the exterior of your home, remove piles of grass, mulch and leaves from your property, and get rid of fallen limbs and trees from your property.
  • Inside your home, reduce humidity levels in the basement by repairing any leaky pipes or fixtures and by installing a dehumidifier. It is also important to reduce areas of clutter in basements and other storage areas. The fewer places they have to hide to easier it will be to discover and eliminate them.

For additional peace of mind, the professionals at Parkway Pest Services can help you eliminate and control camel crickets with our year-round pest control services. Our annual pest control plans provide the long-term solutions needed to keep camel crickets and other common pests from becoming a nuisance and danger to your home and family. If you are experiencing problems with creepy camel crickets inside your home, give us a call today, our customized solutions will rid your home of these pesky pests in no time at all.