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Benefits Of Year-Round Pest Control


If you've considered getting year-round pest control but could never quite get yourself to commit, it is probably because you didn't know the three Cs of year-round pest control. These are the three biggest benefits of having a pest control plan through every season.


When you have a pest control plan that targets seasonal pests, especially those overwintering pests, you never have to live with them. If you don't have proactive pest control, you're going to have a nightmare before you have relief. If you don't have ongoing pest protection, you'll have to deal with spiders in the bathtub, wasps on the balcony, stink bugs on the dining room lamp, cockroaches skittering up the pantry walls, rodents scurrying along your walls, crickets climbing into bed with you, invading by the hundreds, squirrels thumping around in your attic spaces, ants swarming your trash cans, and more. It is so much better to take care of pest problems before they happen. Stop those pests at your exterior walls and keep the inside of your home pest-free, all year long.


When you have an educated professional doing routine inspections, and applying appropriate pest control protocols, not only do you know that the job is being done right, but you don't have to do anything. You don't have to research for hours to find the right method. You don't have to go through pages of documents to find out if a product you're using could be dangerous to your family. And, you don't have to live with the results if those methods and products don't fix the issue.


It may seem like only calling in a pest control company, once you know you have pests, is the best financial decision, but often it isn't. Some pests can destroy your property. They can damage clothing, wallpaper, important documents, photos, curtains, comforters, couches, rugs, and treasured keepsakes and antiques that can't be replaced. Some chew on the wood of your home and can cost thousands of dollars in damages. But, even if you don't have a pest problem that results in property damage, it costs more to get pests out than it does to keep them out.

If you live in our New York service area, let Parkway Pest Services give you year-round protection from all of the many invasive, damaging, and illness-spreading pests that can get into your home. Don't wait until you're living in a nightmare. Let's get started today.