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Bird Control For NY Businesses


Have you ever sat down before a toasty warm fire holding a stick with a marshmallow on the end? There is nothing better than watching that clump of sugar slowly turning brown as you carefully and strategically turn it over and over until just the right moment. At its peak of perfection, you pull it from over those coals and blow on it a few times before sinking your teeth deep into that crispy sweet confection. This experience is so perfect that if you have only ever known it once in your life, you will remember it forever!

Have you ever had the good fortune to be able to traverse through the ice and snow at a snail’s pace and finally arrive home to find that your spouse made it there ahead of you and has a toasty warm fire lit in the wood stove or fireplace? The moment you step through the door and shut that blustery breeze behind you that wood heat begins to penetrate into the deepest part of your soul melting away all the ice and cold and stress of the day. There is no furnace in the world that can compare with that!

The point is, that fire, in its rightful place, is a perfect and good experience; but if that same fire was to leave its rightful place and move, let’s say, to the center of your living room floor…well, it’s not so perfect anymore – in fact, it’s downright dangerous and destructive. Wildlife is much the same. In their wild and perfect place, they are beautiful. You can spend hours just watching those little creatures frolic and play, especially those cute little babies. Seriously, what is more beautiful than watching an eagle as it soars high in the sky or seeing a swallow as it glides and flits through the air or waking to the call of the Cardinal as it beckons the morning sun.

Yes, birds in their rightful place are beautiful, unique, and exciting creatures; but when they decide to step out of that perfect and wild place – well, then they can become dangerous and destructive. If you own a business here in New York, then you know exactly what I mean. When these beautiful creatures decide that your business is the perfect nesting spot they can damage sills, rafters, machinery, and more. They can contaminate product and pose a safety hazard with their droppings. Not only do those droppings build up and create a slipping hazard, but they also contain harmful pathogens that can be passed on to humans. Out of their rightful settings, birds are not so pretty anymore! The problem is that as people spread out and natural bird habitats shrink the intrusion of birds in and around urban areas will continue to grow.

The good news is that there is help available for your bird invasion. That’s right! Parkway Pest Solutions has been removing pests, wildlife, and birds from homes and businesses in New York since 1932. That means we have over 80 years of experience ready and waiting to work for you. Our bird control specialists main goal is to safely remove those birds from your property into a more wild and rightful place. Next, we strive to address the things on your property that those birds found so attractive and put in preventative measures in place like: netting, wire, shock tracks, and spikes to discourage those birds from coming back.

If you are having issues with birds in your New York business, contact us today and let Parkway Pest Solutions be the solution for you, because any other solution is just ‘for the birds’.