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Fall Flies Still A Problem


We are all aware that flies can be a problem in summer. They visit our cookouts, and dance on our burgers. They swarm around trash cans, dumpsters, and rotting animal carcasses. They buzz around our kitchens and put their dirty little feet on everything. And, worse than this, they regurgitate their stomach acid onto our food so they can dissolve it and suck it up through their straw-like mouthparts. But, as we head deeper into fall, we don't have to worry about these nasty little pests anymore, right? The cold temperatures are going to drive the flies into hiding, right? Here are four things you need to know about flies in the fall.

  1. Flies may decide to hide in your home. While flies don't live long, they are still cold-blooded creatures. And, being cold-blooded creatures, they will try to get away from the cold. This will cause them to crawl around on the sun-warmed side of your home, and to rest on the warmed glass of your windows and doors. So, if you want to keep flies out of your house, it is important to make sure all of your screens are in good working condition.
  2. It isn't fall or winter in your home. When flies get inside your house, they're going to think it's summer again. And, if they're able to find a food source, they will be happy to stay active. Since flies consider lots of things a suitable food source, it can be hard to control them.
  3. There are all kinds of flies. An infestation of flies can come in many forms. Fruit flies can be introduced to a home from fruit bought at the grocery store. Fungus flies can be brought inside when plants are brought in for the winter. Cluster flies can invade in swarms through entry points in your roofline or soffits. House flies can zip in through an open window or door. And, the list goes on and on. There are a bunch of ways flies can get into your home this fall, and each of them has a different way of getting in, breeding, and feeding.
  4. There is a solution to fall flies. If you've sealed your exterior walls and made sure all your screens are free of holes, but an infestation of flies has still taken root in your home, it can be frustrating and baffling. The solution is a visit from an experienced and educated pest specialist.

At Parkway Pest Services, we take the mystery out of fall fly problems. Our certified technicians will explain what is going on and give you a real solution to stop those flies in their tracks.

Don't let flies take over your home this fall. Get fly-free with Parkway.