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Spring Raccoon Prevention Tips


It’s that time of year again. Spring! It’s known as the season of rebirth for obvious reasons as the flowers start to peek their heads out of the ground, leaves return to the trees and animals that have disappeared off somewhere for the winter seem to re-emerge. One animal we’re sure you didn’t miss over the winter is the sneaky raccoon. They are coming back out again around now, as well as giving birth to their young. If you’ve ever had a raccoon problem inside your home or on your property, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of this intruder, especially if they’ve decided your property is a good home for their babies.  The Long Island wildlife removal professionals at Parkway Pest Services want to share a few tips on raccoon control and what you can do to make sure these pests aren’t a problem for you this spring!

What can you do to prevent raccoons? 

  • Now is the time for raccoons to find a place for their newly born litters to grow up. Don’t let that be your property! You can make your property less attractive to raccoons by removing ready sources of food (your trash can is a smorgasbord for hungry raccoon families).  Your newly growing garden may also offer up delicious treats for scavenging raccoon families, so protect it with hardwire mesh coverings or even electric fences. 
  • Install a cap on your chimney. This will keep raccoons and their babies from nesting in your chimney. (Be sure there are no raccoons nesting in your chimney before you install a chimney cap, or you may end up trapping raccoons inside, which could end up being a bigger problem!) 
  • Install hardwire mesh under your decking to keep raccoons from nesting under your deck, or even in crawl spaces.
  • Remove tree limbs that overhang your home so that raccoons don’t have a ‘bridge’ in which to get to your roof.  Raccoons are excellent climbers, so if they want to get to your roof, they’ll look for a bridge to get there! 

If these prevention tips are too little too late and you already have raccoons in the attic or nesting elsewhere on your property including under your deck or even in your garage or shed, contact the professionals at Parkway Pest Services for more information on our nuisance wildlife control services in New York including the five boroughs, Nassau County, Westchester County and also in Fairfield County, CT.  We know how destructive raccoons and other wildlife can be to your New York property and that is why we specialize in the removal and exclusion of nuisance and damaging wildlife.  We offer several different wildlife control options for raccoons as well as other pests. Give us a call today and let us take care of your wildlife problem!