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Signs Of Termites In New York

Subterranean termites inside the ground

Subterranean termites are a threat. A really big threat! No, not to you personally. These insects do not sting, bite, or transmit diseases. Termites are a threat to the structural integrity of your New York home and can cause severe damages that require costly repair – most of which are not covered under homeowner insurance policies. In fact, termites are responsible for over 5 billion dollars worth of damages across the country each year and have even been known to cause structures to completely collapse. So why so much damage you may ask? Well, it’s really quite simple.

Subterranean termites live deep inside the ground and enter homes by way of mud tubes that they build from the ground up the side of your foundation. They will travel between your home (their food source) and their nest. Eventually, a satellite colony will break off from the main colony and build a nest inside your wall voids. Once there, they can continue to eat away at the structural wood in your temperature controlled home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Keep in mind that their nests will number into the hundreds of thousands to millions. That is a lot of eating going on!

Occasionally, a homeowner will discover the nest during an extensive, planned renovation project but typically, damages will become severe before the homeowner even realizes they are there. If you are careful to observe, however, you may notice some subtle signs of their presence. Look for things such as wood that appears crushed, that sounds hollow when tapped on, or that looks blistered. Also, look for discarded sets of wings on window sills, tubs, and sinks. Seeing termites swarming around the outside of your home, discovering mud tubes on the side of your foundation, and finding small piles of ‘frass’ (termite droppings) are indications of an infestation as well.

No matter how you discover termites in your New York home, it is a shock. Most often, it is hard to know exactly what to do in the panic of the moment but don’t worry. Parkway Pest Services is here to assist New York residents with termites and more. Our highly trained and certified termite experts can quickly identify an infestation and eliminate it. We also have authorized operators of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, one of the most innovative, effective, and environmentally sound termite treatments available. This amazing system will not only eliminate an existing colony but will remain active and will protect your home from a re-infestation.

Did we mention that this system is completely non-invasive? No drilling or trenching required!

If you have found termites invading your home, or if you want to avoid them altogether, give the termite specialists here at Parkway Pest Services a call. We would love to discuss the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ and all of our other effective termite solutions with you and help you make a plan to successfully eradicate these destructive pests from your home.