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NY Wildlife Prevention Tips

squirrel caught in live trap

Squirrels, raccoons, skunks and other wildlife can pose problems for homeowners throughout the country and unfortunately for New York home and business owners, we have these problems too. Raccoons may dig through our dumpsters while skunks forage for grubs in our lawn; no matter what type of pest we have on our property and why they are there, we want them gone! When they begin to nest on our properties, that’s when the real trouble begins, so at the first sign of wildlife activity on your property, you need to contact nuisance wildlife control right away. At Parkway, we can help with wildlife control on your property so that you can go back to worrying about more important things!

The pros at Parkway have the tools and traps necessary to get your wildlife problem out of the house and out of your yard. But before these pests even become a problem for you, there are a few things you can do around your house and your property to protect yourself from ever having a wildlife problem. These things include: 

  • Remove food sources. This can include food waste in dumpsters, pet food left outdoors, bird seed in bird feeders and fruits and vegetables in gardens. When there are food sources around, you can be attracting hungry wildlife. 
  • If you have seen Japanese beetles on your property during the summer, keep in mind Japanese beetle grubs burrow into the ground in the fall; animals like skunks may dig into your lawn to feed on these pests, so having your property treated for beetles can help eliminate both the insects and the hungry wildlife. 
  • Don’t allow NY wildlife places to hide. When you eliminate areas that provide cover and shelter, you can reduce your chance of playing host to wildlife. Remove piles of brush, logs and any junk you have sitting on your property. Keep woodpiles stored away from your home as well. 
  • Create barriers to keep these pests out. Erect fences around gardens or in areas underneath decks. Cover your chimney and soffit vents and seal any entry holes that may be in the exterior of your structure. 
  • Use visual repellents to ‘scare’ wildlife away. These can include the use of scarecrows or lights; you can also create noise to frighten away wildlife (banging a pan with a wooden handle when you see a raccoon on your property may be an effective repellent). 

Unfortunately these tips aren’t fool proof; if a skunk wants to sit on your front lawn and is brave enough to do it, not a whole lot is going to stop it. But these tips can help to reduce the chance of ever having to deal with nuisance wildlife removal on your property. In NY, wildlife encounters have become more and more common as urban growth spreads into an animal’s natural habitat.  But when wildlife starts to invade on our properties, steps must be taken to protect your family and your home from the damages these pests can cause and the diseases they are known for spreading. 

For more information on wildlife control in Long Island, Westchester County or elsewhere in NY or Fairfield County, CT., give us a call today. Our wildlife control specialist will be happy to discuss your problem and devise a solution that will suit your schedule and your lifestyle. We know that nuisance wildlife on your property can pose a serious threat to your safety and that is why we can offer prompt and effective services at competitive prices; call today for more information!