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Camel Crickets In NY: Not Your Average Cricket


Camel crickets in New York (AKA cave crickets) are not your ordinary crickets. First off, they are rather large and aren’t likely to win any beauty pageants in the cricket world with their distinct antennae (often larger than their body), large rear legs and humpbacks. Secondly, they do not have wings and cannot make the chirping noises that are often associated with crickets.

Let’s face it, your home is constantly under attack as insects and rodents attempt to make their way indoors to avoid the cold winter months when food, water and warm shelter are lacking outside. Unfortunately camel crickets are just one of the many pest invaders and will look for cool, dark and damp “cave-like” places in your home. Because they don’t really make any noise and gravitate to dark corners and other inconspicuous areas, you often don’t realize there’s a problem until you accidently stumble across one and get quite a fright (refer back to their appearance). Though they remain quiet houseguests do not be deceived; camel crickets chew and may ruin clothing and other items while in residence. A good rule of thumb if you want to protect your home and possessions, contact an exterminator should you notice camel crickets or other pest activity for that matter.

Now, if your home is clear of pests give yourself a pat on the back but don’t get too confident. Camel crickets and other pests will search the exterior of your home for any potential entrance. This can be a gap between the floor and garage door, a crack in the foundation, openings around utility lines, dryer vents, the list goes on. To stay pest free, make sure any crack, gap or opening is identified, evaluated and corrected. This could mean grabbing some caulking at the hardware store or installing durable mesh over vents. Bottom line, you should make your home impenetrable!

Parkway Pest Services provides pest control in Long Island, the five boroughs, Westchester County, NY; and to Fairfield County, CT including Greenwich and Stamford. If you are finding camel crickets in your home, we can help; contact our pest control company today!