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Why Camel Crickets Are So Common In New York Homes

Camel cricket

Camel crickets aren't more common in New York homes than any other home in any other state that has camel crickets in it. Our New York homes aren't more attractive to camel crickets than other homes. These are common household pests within all the states they dwell.

So, why do camel crickets get into New York homes?

Answer: Because they can.

We have a large population of camel crickets in our state. If they are able to get into your home, they will. There is nothing specific that will draw them into a home, but there are some exterior attractants that could have led to your current problem.

Camel crickets love moist, dark, places. If you have damp ground near your exterior walls, and bushes, shrubs, clutter, or structures that provide shade next to your walls, you may have put out the welcome mat for these moisture-loving pests. But the reason you have them inside your home is that they found a way to get in.

When camel crickets get in, they will congregate in moist areas. This could be in a crawl space under your home, on the walls of your cellar or basement, or in some other dark, moist place.

Fortunately, camel crickets aren't going to bite you. But, if they've gotten in, they're probably going to bite other things you would prefer they didn't. These are omnivores that chew on so many things they are often compared to goats. In your home, they can damage plants, fabrics, textiles, furniture, wallpaper, carpets, and more.

What can I do about these camel crickets?

Since they love moisture, one of the ways they can be controlled is by adding fans and dehumidifiers in strategic places. This can't kill them but will likely drive them out.

When properly implemented, sticky traps are effective at controlling camel crickets, but these are best applied by a professional that will use these traps to monitor activity and implement a full solution for control.

When spring gets here, you can do a detailed inspection of your walls, especially in hard-to-reach, or see, places, and use a caulking gun to seal holes, gaps, and cracks. Make sure all of your window and door screens are in good working condition and inspect all weather stripping and door sweeps for damage.

If you need assistance with frustrating and startling pests, like camel crickets, let Parkway Pest Services take care of those unwanted invaders. Our educated pest professionals use the most advanced pest protocols in the industry to deal with these and other damaging pests. Learn how Parkway Pest Services can protect your home from camel crickets and other common pests in the New York area with one of our year-round pest control plans, you will be glad you did!