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How NY Homeowners Can Prevent Camel Crickets

camel crickets in ny

Do camel crickets give you the willies, the heebie-jeebies, or the creeps? If they do, you're not alone. Nothing can send a female dorm room into squeals of panic like a single camel cricket. But, even if you don't live in a female dorm room, you will benefit from knowing how to prevent camel crickets from invading your living space, whatever space that might be.

The psychology of the camel cricket

Though camel crickets can have an adverse effect on your psychology, let's look instead at their psychology. Camel crickets feed on insects and plants, and are known to chew on fabrics and clothes. This can make them a real problem, if they decide to chew on your delicates while they hang from the clothes line. Camel crickets also seek moisture. This need for moisture will often motivate them to get into man made structures, usually moist basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, where humidity is higher. Ridding your home of moist areas, and hiding food sources is the best way to achieve long-term pest control for this and other moisture seeking insects.

How do I keep camel crickets out for good?

While you may be able to use a dehumidifier and some fans to get your basement dry, there probably won't be much you can do about your laundry room or bathroom. So, here are some tips on how to keep those crickets from getting in.

  • Don't leave the doors and windows open for them. This may seem like a silly suggestion, but you would be surprised how many people let crickets into their home when they bring groceries in. Crickets hide in protected hallway areas, and will take the opportunity to leap in through an open door.
  • Inspect all window and door screens for rips or tears.
  • Check your weather stripping and door sweeps--especially large doors--like the one on the garage.
  • Keep tall grass mowed near foundation walls. If crickets get near your exterior walls, they'll be exploiting your walls for weaknesses.
  • Use a caulking gun to fill in rotted holes in the wood of your house, and seal up gaps and cracks around air conditioning units, pipes, outlets, and fixtures.
  • Put down sticky traps near doorways and on window sills.
  • Have a pest control company spray your exterior walls or perimeter.

Camel crickets won't hurt you, but they can drive you crazy, especially if they get into your wall voids. Hopefully, with these tips, you can keep them outside where they belong.