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What To Do About Bed Bugs Invading In Nassau And Westchester County

ed bug infestation on sheets

Bed bugs invading your Nassau and Westchester County properties can be a recipe for disaster as this tiny bug quickly spreads out and leaves itchy bites on those in your home. Learning how to get rid of bed bugs involves understanding the best bed bug control techniques for your home, something Nassau and Westchester County pest control specialists can handle.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread?

Understanding what causes bed bug problems is vital in keeping this pest away from your property. Bed bugs will spread to your property one of two ways—through you picking them up in an infested area and bringing them home or through the purchase of second-hand items moved into your home. In both cases, the bed bugs will hide in your clothing, in baggage, or in the gaps of furniture and appliances until they sense that it is safe to start hiding and feeding in your home. 

Some steps to take to avoid picking up bed bugs are vacuum-sealing clothes when you travel, elevating luggage and bags in accommodation areas, and looking out for signs of staining or bed bug bodies. These are some of the best bed bug control and prevention tactics when away from home.

Does Vacuuming Help Keep Bed Bugs Away?

While vacuuming alone cannot kill or eliminate a bed bug infestation, it can help keep the numbers of an infestation low and remove all life stages of bed bugs hidden in your carpets, fabrics, or other areas around your home. When vacuuming for bed bugs, pay special attention to the seams of furniture and sleeping quarters, as these are where bed bugs love to hide out the most.

It would help if you also remembered to remove the vacuum bag from your machine once you complete cleaning to stop reinfestation; either throw away the sealed vacuum bag or empty the vacuum contents into a trash bag and seal. Clean the inside of the vacuum to be sure no bed bugs are left inside.

Will High Heat Kill Bed Bugs In Nassau And Westchester Counties?

High heat can kill bed bugs in the Nassau and Westchester Counties, but heat treatment may not fully eradicate a deeply embedded bed bug infestation in the walls of your home. Temperatures around 125 degrees Fahrenheit are required to kill potential bed bug invaders. Still, it is crucial that you trust local pest control for bed bugs to complete these treatments as it is much safer and more effective than you attempting to heat treat certain items for bed bugs all by yourself.

Total Bed Bug Control For Nassau And Westchester County Residents 

Bed bugs can easily infiltrate your home and cause significant problems without you noticing it at first, which is why it is essential to build a relationship with Parkway Pest Services. Only professional pest control to kill bed bugs can help you eliminate active infestations of this pest and locate and eradicate every hiding bed bug in your home.

Our specialists are highly trained here at Parkway Pest Services and have years of experience. They can implement bed bug treatment plans that meet your home’s every need and ensure your property is fully protected from bed bugs, allowing you to rest easy. Reach out to Parkway Pest Services today for more information!