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Why Pigeons In New York City Are Worse Than You May Think

A pigeon perched in a tree

Pigeons are to New York what water is to the ocean, you cannot have one without the other. Regardless of temperature, conditions, or noise, pigeons will always be around. They will be there to pick up your dropped hot dog in the park, they will be watching as you order food from your favorite pizza place, they will even walk under your legs searching for their next meal. The question is, are they dangerous, and if so, what can you do to keep them away from your home or business?

What Are Pigeons? 

Unless you are a shut-in, you know what pigeons look like. What you might not know is that they are the number one pest bird in America. Pigeons are known for their plump bodies, colorful plumage, bulging foreheads, and wide eyes. They are also known for their wide variety of body colors. Although very pretty to look at, pigeons are a huge nuisance here in New York. Some have even become bold enough to steal food right out of people’s hands. For most residents here in New York City, however, pigeons are nothing more than an afterthought. If they are not directly bothering you, how harmful could they be? Turns out, much more than you might think.

How Problematic Are Pigeons

Pigeons are fairly passive creatures. They aren’t going to attack you, they just want some food. What makes them dangerous are the diseases they carry and spread. Most of the diseases they carry, including histoplasmosis, live in their fecal matter. As you probably already know pigeons use the bathroom a lot. They leave their droppings on cars, benches, tables, really anywhere they feel like it. Risk levels are increased the more pigeons there are in any one area. Restaurants and food vendors often have an increase in pigeon activity nearby. With increased fecal matter, also comes the risk of slipping, especially in the colder months where the cold freezes it to the ground. As silly as this might seem, it is a real problem here in New York City.

Another problem pigeons pose is property damage. When nesting on roofs, pigeons can threaten structural integrity, damage gutters, and erode at roofing and paint with their fecal matter.

How You Can Make Your Building Less Hospitable To Pigeons

Many systems exist to deter pigeons from properties, some work, others are no more than gimmicks. Options to avoid include sound deterrents, fake animals, and smell based repellents. Methods that do work include bird spikes, coils, wires, netting, and other modifications that make your property less comfortable for pigeons. There are even bird slides out there that are designed to slide pigeons right off your roof. How can you gain access to these pigeon deterrents? With the help of the professionals here at Parkway Pest Services of course!

If you are looking to keep pigeons away from your New York City property, we have all of the tools needed for the job. Give us a call today so we can schedule a time for one of our highly trained pest technicians to visit your property. They will evaluate your problem and put together the best course of action to ensure pigeons don’t want to spend any time on your property.

Don’t trust your pest problems to anyone else. Find freedom from pests like pigeons today and let Parkway Pest Services show you what quality pest control services could look like for your New York City property.