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What You Should Know If You're Seeing Stink Bugs Around Your Long Island Home

Stink bug

Stink bugs weren’t given their name for nothing. As harmless as they are, these nuisance pests come armed and ready to deliver the most pungent and offensive odor if they feel threatened, scared, crushed, smooshed, or smashed.

It’s a good thing that Parkway Pest Services provide the most effective pest control in Long Island, NY, to get rid of stink bugs fast. We always use the most modern techniques and up-to-date best practices to ensure the safe and swift removal of all kinds of nuisance pests.

Stink Bugs Are Pretty Easy To Identify

The good thing about stink bugs is that they’re not too difficult to identify. Their triangular body with a broad abdomen looks similar to the shape of a shield; they are also called “shield bugs.” You may also recognize them without ever seeing one if they emit that powerfully awful odor to ward off predators or if you inadvertently step on one. 

Stink Bugs Invade In Large Numbers 

Stink bugs in Long Island aren’t a solitary species. They congregate and invade in large numbers, especially on specific plants. When their preferred foliage is close to your home, it’s effortless for them to move indoors, typically when temperatures drop. In addition to plants, rotten or ripe fruit, areas with excess moisture, bright lights, or reflective surfaces attract them to your place. Therefore, you’ll notice a significant reduction in their presence by eliminating most or all of these factors. Get in touch with professional pest elimination specialists for proper stink bug removal.     

Four Practical Ways To Prevent Stink Bugs Around Your Home

When the fall season rolls around, stink bugs make their grand entrance into your home, which offers the ideal warm environment for them to overwinter. Even though these harmless bugs don’t pose a health or physical threat to humans, their smelly nature is more than enough reason to warrant their quick elimination. As temperatures drop and the cooler air settles in, it’s a good time to stink bug-proof your property to avoid dealing with a stinky situation down the line. Check out these four sensible tips to prevent a stink bug problem from occurring before it starts:   

  1. Keep your outdoor lights off as they attract these bugs to your home. 
  2. Remove all food sources and clean up food and beverage spills immediately. 
  3. Prune and trim your shrubbery and branches routinely, and keep all wood materials at least 20 feet from your home’s exterior.
  4. Check your items before bringing them into your home, like grocery bags.

Remember to suction instead of squishing! If you see what looks like a stink bug, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to suction it up to avoid experiencing that foul odor. Contact your local pest control service if you’re currently dealing with a stink bug problem and require further assistance. 

The Most Effective Way To Keep Stink Bugs Away

When dealing with a stink bug invasion, it’s always best to seek out the services of a professional pest elimination company. These bugs are tricky to eradicate because of their ability to emit a foul odor if they’re squashed or feel threatened. Only trained experts know how to remove them from your property without causing further issues.

For over 80 years, Parkway Pest Services has been delivering the most effective solutions to get rid of stink bugs in Long Island, NY, and the surrounding areas. Our primary mission is to provide our residents with outstanding service to eliminate nuisance pests quickly. Let us help restore your home to the peaceful atmosphere that you intended it to be. Reach out to us to request your complimentary quote.