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Are Stink Bugs In Long Island Giving You Trouble?

stink bug crawling on wood

Stink bugs in Long Island can quickly become troublesome due to their rather unsightly appearance and the foul odor they produce when threatened or accidentally crushed. Fortunately, Long Island pest control can help you learn how to get rid of stink bugs and will assist you in keeping this pest away for good.

Should I Be Worried About Stink Bugs in Long Island?

While stink bugs are not venomous in any way, aren’t known to transmit bacteria or pathogens, and won’t bite humans, they can still cause significant problems due to the foul odor they let off. This unpleasant odor can fill your home and create habitation issues when threatened or killed. It is also important to note that stink bugs can spray the liquid that makes this odor from their thorax; it can land on your body or get in your eyes, which may cause an allergic reaction, and you should obtain medical attention.

Stink bugs can also stain fabrics as they leave behind droppings and cause vomiting, drooling, and upset stomach in pets that accidentally consume this pest.

What Bugs Are Often Mistaken For Stink Bugs?

Even though stink bugs have a somewhat distinctive look about them, several other types of bugs are often confused for this pest. The pests below bear a similar large oval shape and coloration to stink bugs, but they are relatively harmless and will not release an unpleasant odor around your home.

  • The Kissing Bug
  • The Boxelder Bug
  • The Western Conifer Seed Bug

If you need help with stink bug identification or want to verify the pests invading your home, Parkway Pest Services can provide you with expert service to determine the cause of your pest issues. 

Why Do I Suddenly Have Stink Bugs In My Home?

Stink bugs are more active at certain times of the year, such as late summer and early fall, when the temperatures cause them to look for safe, warm shelter. As one or two stink bugs find a haven in your home, they will release a scent trail leading other stink bugs to the site. A sudden invasion of this bug will result, all preparing for diapause (a period of inactivity during colder weather).

Other factors that may lead to sudden stink bug invasions include a plethora of gaps and cracks around the windows, doors, and foundation of your home, plenty of bright lights around your property, and a large amount of greenery and crops or plants surrounding your home.

If you find that stink bugs are suddenly an issue for you, you should contact a stink bug exterminator in Long Island as soon as possible.

The Best Way To Keep Stink Bugs Out Of Your Home

A stink bug infestation in your Long Island house can be a serious issue and fill your home with majorly unpleasant odors. The best way to keep this pest out of your home and completely control a stink bug invasion is to trust our professionals at Parkway Pest Services. With the help of the experts, any stink bug problem you are experiencing can be taken care of efficiently and quickly, meaning you will no longer need to worry about this smelly pest and the issues it can bring.

Contact Parkway Pest Services today for more stink bug control assistance or advice.