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How Do Camel Crickets Get Into My Home?

camel crickets at home

Camel crickets are a very common pest found in Westchester County N.Y. Also called cave crickets, or spider crickets, they are one of the larger species of crickets, sometimes reaching over an inch in length! Their legs are very large in proportion, and their antennae can often be as long as their body. They range in a variety of colors and they also lack wings, which makes them a very quiet cricket. Camel crickets don't chirp like other crickets and the good news is they are not harmful but are invasive none the less.

If a camel cricket has entered your home, it’s likely in search of moisture and/or shelter. Though usually found in caves, they may also seek out basements which oftentimes provide a similar habitat. Camel crickets can enter your home a number of ways, and once in they will hide in the dark areas and out of the way corners of your home that are often overlooked and hard to get to. Common routes into your home may be anything from cracks and holes in foundations to openings around doors and windows, and possibly even clothing or items brought in from the outside. Infestation is rare, but can be very frustrating to deal with. Making an impact on a camel cricket infestation, or any infestation, is a lot harder than preventing them in the first place. Keeping clutter to a minimum can help deter the crickets. Also, running a dehumidifier in basements will take away moisture that the crickets are seeking out. You can also take the time to thoroughly inspect the outside of your house for potential entryways, sealing them as necessary. If an infestation still occurs, you'll probably want to call a professional.

Parkway offers extensive year-round pest control options for all infestations. We are Green Shield certified and use Integrated Pest Management techniques, minimizing the use of chemicals and maximizing the safety of you and your family. We will find the crickets and their entry routes for you, eliminate them, and follow up to make sure that they don’t return. On top of getting rid of camel crickets, our year-round plans cover over 30 other common household pets! With unlimited service calls combined with interior and exterior inspections, you can be sure that no part of your home is safer than it is with Parkway Pest Services. Call today for a free quote, and find out which of our year-round options are best for you.