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Are Centipedes In Long Island Dangerous?

a house centipede crawling in a bathroom

Your bathroom at home should be a place of relaxation and comfort. That’s why most people typically prefer to use their own toilets over a public restroom. You should be able to enjoy your peace, watching TV on your phone, scrolling through social media, or reading a magazine. But bugs always seem to want to interrupt, don't they? There’s nothing worse than watching a centipede crawl out from under your tub and head right for your feet. The only thing that might make your skin crawl more is when you step in the tub, only to find a centipede is already in there, ruining a hot bath or shower, which may be one of the best parts of your day.

So why do centipedes have to bug you in the bathroom? Is their presence something you should be worried about? The more you know about these pests and what attracts centipedes to your home, the more you’ll be able to take back your bathroom from these pests.

Hundred-Leg Home Invaders

Typical Long Island centipedes do not have 100 legs. They generally have anywhere from 15 to 150 legs in total, all bunched up in very small groups. Ranging from less than an inch long all the way up to six inches, these dark brown or sometimes yellow pests feature two long antennae protruding from their head. That’s really the only way to tell their head from their tail.

Thriving in dark, moist areas of your home, centipedes will typically be found in your bathroom and your basement. They’re drawn to moisture, but what makes them stay is other insects. Hunting at night, centipedes are a great form of home pest control, eating any sort of living or dead insects within your home that they can. They actually are venomous to other insects, however, they cannot transfer this venom to humans. The extent of the harm they can inflict on people would be a rare, slightly painful bite with no transfer of venom.

Prevention Tips For Centipedes In Long Island

Even though they don’t pose a threat to you and your family, they can be a nuisance. Who wants to have their bathroom time interrupted by something with that many legs? Plus, they enjoy feeding on certain plant materials as well, so they’re a scourge in the yard. If you want to protect your property and your peace of mind, consider limiting the things that may attract centipedes to your home.

Here are a few useful centipede control and prevention tips:

  • Control your moisture. If you can keep the humidity levels down in your basement and bathrooms, this can help solve the dampness issue. Also, check for any sort of leaks, even small ones. That includes pipes under the house, in the basement, behind appliances, under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, along with AC units on the outside of the home.
  • Get rid of piles of leaves and grass outside the home. These will attract centipedes initially before they move into your house from the yard.
  • Seal entryways. If you don’t have them already, you should install weather-stripping at the bottoms of all exterior doors. Make sure the caulking around all windows is sealed tight as well.

If you execute these strategies to perfection, you might be able to keep centipedes out of your home. However, if they want to get in bad enough, they’ll find a way. For guaranteed results (and much less effort on your part), contact Parkway Pest Services for advice or assistance. We will get your home back to being centipede-free! Learn more about our home pest control services and commercial pest control solutions in Long Island.