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Who Should Get A Termite Inspection?

Get a termite inspection for your new york home

Termites are a scary insect. They can strike without warning, infest for years without detection, and do irreversible damage to the wood frame of a house. This damage can even lead to foreclosure of the property and years of frustrating debt. That is why it is so important to understand how these wood-destroying pests can affect you.

I'm looking to buy a home; do I need a termite inspection?

Buying a new home can be a scary prospect. If there is an issue with your new home, you need to know before you sign on the dotted line. That is why having a Certified Home Inspector is almost always mandatory by financial institutions, and many lenders even require a Certified Termite Inspection now. But, some do not. Before you buy, it is extremely important to make sure your new home is inspected for termites. These insects feed entirely inside the wood of a home and are known to evade detection even from Certified Home Inspectors. The last thing you want to do is inherit someone else's problem.

I'm looking to sell my home; do I need a termite inspection?

A lot goes into selling a home. After you've fixed all the issues, painted all the rooms, cleaned or replaced all the rugs, and made the yard look like a Garden of Eden, the process of finding a buyer can be a long one. When you have someone on the hook, you want to make sure they stay there. So, it is vital to get a Certified Termite Inspection before your potential buyer does. Nothing can spook a buyer faster than termites. If you find them first, not only will it keep this from happening, it will also give you the ability to fix the damage and apply the costs to your asking price.

I own a home, and I don't have a termite plan in place. Do I need a termite inspection?

When termites are found in a home, it is almost always a shock to the homeowners. These are silent destroyers that can feed on a home for years and years without anyone knowing. If you don't have termite protection (which includes ongoing inspections), you definitely need a termite inspection. Finding termites is a heart-wrenching experience. These creatures can weaken support structures and warp the very frame of a home, leaving it permanently altered.

Don't take any chances with termites. Parkway Pest Services has been protecting homes since 1932. Our certified termite inspectors can be there within 24 hours, and will give you a detailed written report that outlines infested areas found, cost estimates, and recommendations for treatment options. And our certified termite inspection comes with a one-year guarantee.

Don't take chances with termites. Get a certified termite inspection you can trust by calling Parkway Pest Services.