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How to Deter Fleas from Invading Your Long Island Home This Summer

puppy scratching fleas

If you are a fan of furry friends, chances are you have one or two living at home with you. Of course, this comes with a number of upsides such as cuddles, and as much unconditional love as you can handle. It also comes with a few downsides such as knocking over vases, bathroom accidents, and the topic of this article—fleas. The good news is that fleas can be controlled. There are ways you can stop them from invading your home, and we are here to help you find out how.

Why Fleas Thrive During The Summer Months and Factors That Invite Them Inside

The first thing you should know about fleas is that they are warm weather pests, meaning when the temperature drops to freezing, they stop functioning; making them mainly spring and summer pests.

The next thing you should know is that fleas require hosts to survive. Most often, this consists of whatever furry creature they can find. In the wild, this can be anything from a small field mouse, all the way up to a giant bear. It is these types of animals that transport fleas closer to our homes. Once they are close, they can quickly jump onto our best friends who unknowingly carry them into our houses where they can become a big problem.

Tips To Deter Fleas and Mitigate Your Risk of Infestation

Flea prevention has to start with our pets. To do this, first, consult your local veterinarian to find the best choice of prevention methods. They will most likely recommend a flea/tick collar designed to kill any fleas that jump on them while they are out and about. As an extra measure of precaution, we also recommend checking your pets, collar or not, for fleas before coming in after a walk on the grass.

Also, keeping your lawn well maintained and free of clutter will help deter fleas and more specifically, the creatures they ride in on.

Why Call Parkway If Prevention Fails

If the above prevention tips fail or you are infested with fleas already, Parkway is here to help. Our friendly technicians are standing by to get you the services you need. Give us a call today. We will handle the rest.