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How To Avoid Wildlife On Your New York Property This Summer

raccoon rummaging around

You get up and shuffle into the kitchen to get a midnight snack and hear noises coming from the back porch. Is that a raccoon rummaging around your plant pots and deck chairs? You step outside to get the mail and lose your balance on a slippery spot. Are those bird droppings on your walkway? You carry a bag of garbage out to your backyard and see a furry black and white creature disappear behind a bush. Was that a skunk sniffing around your garbage cans? If you are experiencing the presence of wildlife on your New York property, you may want to take note of the dangers they pose and the destruction they can cause if left to their own devices.

Skunks and raccoons are known to get into trash and track it all over the place. Pest birds not only leave droppings and feathers everywhere, they can also carry diseases. Squirrels, if they get into your attic, will destroy insulation, leave droppings, and can even cause a fire if they chew on wiring. These are just a few examples of the headaches and dangers wildlife can cause.

What can you do to discourage wildlife from invading your property?

  • Clear your yard of unnecessary clutter and vegetation. Children's toys, yard decorations, bushes, etc. give wildlife places to hide.
  • If you keep your garbage cans outside, be certain they have tight fitting lids. You may even want to invest in some bungee cords to be doubly sure they are secure. Raccoons are especially adept at removing trash can lids.
  • Trim back tree branches and other vegetation away from your foundation, exterior walls, and roof area. Wildlife and other household pests use these things to access your home.
  • Check all screens to make sure there are no holes where animals can climb through, and keep windows locked to prevent raccoons from getting in.
  • Install wire mesh inside your downspouts to prevent animals from climbing up and gaining access to your vulnerable roof areas.
  • You can also use wire mesh or chicken wire to block off entry to areas under your deck, porch, patio, or garage.
  • Be mindful to thoroughly clean up after a barbecue or outside party. Do not leave pet food outside. And consider moving bird feeders far away from your house. Any food left out is sure to attract wildlife, rodents, and other pests.
  • Be aware that lattice work or exterior pipes can be used as ladders for animals to climb up.

Keeping wildlife off your property can be challenging, but allowing them free reign can result in more than just some scattered trash. Wild animals can cause significant damage. This is why Parkway Pest Services offers wildlife control for business and homeowners in New York State covering wildlife such as raccoons, bats, skunks, opossums, pest birds, squirrels, chipmunks, woodchucks, and more.

Don't take chances with dangerous wildlife on your property; let Parkway take care of that problem for you.