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Should I Be Worried About Crickets In My Home?

cricket on the floor

When you’re outside on a summer’s evening, the chirping of crickets can be a pleasant, comforting sound. But--when one of those crickets gets inside your home, that sound suddenly transforms into one of the most irritating noises you’ve ever experienced. You’ll spend hours trying to ferret out its location in order to eliminate it. But is the irritating noise all you need to worry about with crickets? Are they dangerous in any way?

Should You Worry About Crickets in Your Home?

The good news is, crickets aren’t dangerous. They won’t bite you and they aren’t known to transmit any diseases to humans. Furthermore, if you get camel crickets in your home, you won’t even need to worry about their annoying sound. Camel crickets don’t have the right body parts to make the chirping sound that most other crickets do.

However, just because they aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean you want them in your home. Crickets can overrun your house and, once they’re inside, they’re difficult to get out. They could also indicate a bigger problem as they typically prefer moist areas which could mean you have a water leak in your home that’s attracting them.

How Crickets Get Inside

When the weather heats up outside and things start getting dry, crickets begin looking for a cool, moist area in which to hide. When they’re outside, they enjoy hiding in leaf matter, mulch, and wood piles. When it gets too hot and dry, crickets find your basement or crawl space to be the perfect location, especially if it’s full of boxes or clutter for them to hide in and around. They can get inside in a number of different ways, including through cracks in your foundation and gaps around your windows and doors.

What to Do if Crickets Get Inside

While preventing crickets from getting in is the best course of action, once they get in, they’re difficult to eliminate without professional help. Parkway Pest Services has solutions. Our year-round treatment plans not only eliminate crickets in your home but will also prevent new crickets from getting inside. Give us a call to learn all about our treatment options.