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Don't Let Wasps in Westchester Ruin Your Summer


Though it might sound like a monster out of a horror movie, a creature that flies, stings, and lives in paper nests is better known by its common name: the wasp. 

While gentle earthworms, hummingbirds, and butterflies are just beginning to enter their breeding pinnacle here in New York, warm weather invites wasps to join their peak active season as well. Queen wasps are well into their breeding cycles and establishing their nests. 

In many cases, the early signs of wasp nesting are not caught in time to prevent. This allows these pesky creatures to build large, impenetrable nests in a matter of weeks. Many homeowners first opt to try DIY methods when they spot a nest, not realizing the dangers of controlling these stinging insects

Wasps may not be a large pest, but they certainly pack quite the punch. Here are some steps you can take to deter wasps from your yard, and actions to take if they have already invaded.

Keep Wasps Out and Fun In 

While engaging in any outdoor activity, consider the following wasp-prevention steps

  • Keep scents, perfumes, and any outdoor candles to a minimum. 
  • Wear light-colored clothing to keep yourself cool; the more you sweat, the more aggressive the wasps become. 
  • Cover foods while outdoors; the sweet aromas will attract hungry wasps to your location. 

If wasps have already invaded your property, there are several techniques you can try to maintain your safety.

  • Do not wave your arms around when wasps are close. Doing so will only aggravate them further and increase the chance of stings. 
  • Avoid crushing any dead wasps. The pheromones from the crushed wasp will prompt other wasps to attack. 
  • Do not attempt to approach a nest. Wasps keep close vigil over their homes and will swarm in force if threatened. 

Do it the Right Way with Parkway 

No matter what methods you employ at home, wasp control through a licensed professional company is always the best option. If you suspect wasps will cut into your summer fun this year, call Parkway Pest Solutions to receive your free quote, or to schedule a property inspection from one of our highly trained staff members. Depending on the severity of your infestation, we may eliminate or remove the hive, or utilize professional techniques to ensure your yard stays wasp-free now and in summers to come. 

Since 1932, we’ve served our customers with professionalism and expertise. Contact the pros at Parkway Pest Solutions today to discuss your pest control needs during the height of the Westchester wasp season. At Parkway, you can count on us.