What You Should Know About Digger Bees [Visual]

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digger bee standing on dirt

Digger bees are a solitary bee often found around gardens or trees collecting pollen. While digger bees may look pretty scary, they are not generally an aggressive stinging insect. In fact, the males don't even have the ability to sting. A good way to tell if you're dealing with digger bees or another stinging insect species is that digger bees don't live in beehives. They're often found keeping to themselves unlike a run in with say a yellow jacket ground nest. 

If you're worried about any stinging insects on your property, it is always best to call in a professional. No matter the species, control of stinging insects is a job for a trained professional. Not only can bee stings be very painful, for some people they cause serious allergic reactions. Not a great summer story! For more information on digger bees or any other critters you're finding, call us today! 


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