Ground Beetles

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What Is A Ground Beetle?

Ground beetles can vary in size, shape, and color; however, most have a flattened hard body and are a dark brown in color with some metallic markings. Their heads are generally narrower than their body, and they have visible sickle-like mandibles that they use for chewing. They range in size from ¼ - 1 inch in length and have 11-segmented antennae. They are generally seen as beneficial as predators for other nuisance insects; however, they can become a problem if the number of ground beetles living in an area becomes high in numbers and when they enter homes.

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Things You Should Know:

Ground beetles are attracted to light.

They are predators for other insects such as maggots, caterpillars and slugs.

Ground beetles are not dangerous to humans.

Why Are They In My House?

Ground beetles are most often found under rocks, logs, piles of leaves, and other decaying organic debris. Since ground beetles are attracted to light, they may make their way into your home accidentally by traveling towards sources of light that come from your home.

Are Ground Beetles Dangerous?

Ground beetles are not considered dangerous as they do no bite, and they are not known to transmit any diseases to humans. They are mostly considered a nuisance pest.

What Does It Take To Get Rid Of Ground Beetles?

Eliminating ground beetles from your home can be a difficult task. They are very good at finding hiding places in your home, and it can often be hard to determine exactly where they are entering your house. If you have a ground beetle infestation, your best option is to contact the NY pest control professionals at Parkway Pest Services; our trained technicians can come in and quickly determine the problem and offer an effective solution. Contact us today for more information on how we can help with your ground beetle infestation.

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How Soon Can You Get Here?

At Parkway, we understand that it is important to you to take care of your pest problem as soon as possible; therefore it is important to us, as well. Emergency and same day service is available and in most cases we can be there the very next day.

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Is The Treatment Safe?

Here at Parkway Pest Services, we pride ourselves on being Green Shield Certified and we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, meaning treatments are much safer for you and your family. IPM techniques include far fewer uses of chemicals, using them only as a last resort. Instead, we focus on baiting and the exclusion of pests.

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How Can I Prevent A Future Infestation?

Ground beetles are attracted to light and will often enter your home around doors and windows; to prevent this make sure that any opening around your doors and windows are sealed and that screens are intact. Even after taking those precautions, preventing ground beetles from entering your home can be easier said than done. Contact us today to see how our home pest control services can give you year-round pest protection for ground beetles and other common household insects.


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