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Are Pests Taking Over Your Home? Our certified Exterminators Can Help!

At Parkway Pest Services, we are family owned and operated with certified local exterminators providing home pest control services in the New York area including Long Island and Westchester County and Fairfield County, Connecticut. Experienced in solving pest problems, our pest control technicians don’t just eliminate the pests; they address the root of the problem and implement measures to curb future pest activity. And, because we understand every home is different, we offer two levels of pest protection. If you're worried about ants, bees, wasps and other insects and rodents in or around your home and your family, Parkway has the solution!

Gold Program
  • 4 Visits annually
  • Pest Identification
  • Covers 30+ common pests
  • Interior & exterior service
  • Unlimited Service Calls

*Some exclusions may apply

Gold Package Protection

Designed to control the basic needs of pest control, this plan effectively protects your home from occasional invaders that are frequently encountered as well as most wood destroying insects. In addition to controlling carpenter ants, cockroaches and other insects and rodents, this home pest control plan includes treatment of fleas and ticks inside the house and yellow jackets within two feet of the dwelling. With our friendly and knowledgeable exterminators on the job, you can say goodbye to ants in the kitchen, mice in the attic and the other pests scattered throughout the house.

Platinum Program
  • 4 visits annually
  • Pest identification
  • Covers 30+ common pests
  • Unlimited service calls
  • Interior & exterior service
  • Termite protection using Sentricon

*Some exclusions may apply

Platinum Package Protection

Offering all the advantages of the Gold Package, this home pest control program is an inclusive package that consists of pest and termite control. In addition to protecting your home from ants, roaches and other common household pests, it includes the installation of termite monitoring devices around the exterior of your home. If termites are found on the property, our pest control professionals will put a stop to their destructive ways. 

Why Do You Have Pests In And Around Your hOme?

common pest entry points

Foundation - Cracks in the foundation, gaps around doors and windows and other openings welcome pests in.


Attics - Mice, squirrels and other pests invade attics through any opening they can find and will cause damage to the structure, wires and stored items.


Trash - Trash cans and garbage are like an all-you-can-eat buffet for foraging pests. Left outside, they will attract pests.


Overhanging Trees - When tree limbs touch the roof or other exterior surfaces they act like a bridge for pests.


Windows - Open windows welcome insects and other pests inside. Gaps around the frame also make it easy for pests to wander in.


Eaves - Yellow jackets and other stinging insects nest in eaves, under porches and other sheltered spots around the outside of the house.

exterior residential pest control treatments in ny and ct

Exterior Pest Control Treatments

The majority of pests invade the home at ground level so it only makes sense that our home pest control services address the exterior of the house and not just the inside. Our Integrated Exterior Treatment and Rodent Detection System houses weather resistant insect bait on the exterior of your home for your own protection. This allows us to monitor and control rodent activity that starts outside. This is especially helpful during the winter months when rodents are seeking warm shelter within the structure. And because we are able to stop ants, centipedes, mice and other pests from getting inside, fewer indoor treatment applications are typically necessary.  




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When you have a pest problem, you can count on Parkway Pest Services. Not only will our team of pest control pros protect your family and take care of your home's pest problems quickly and efficiently, you don’t even have to be home for the scheduled treatment. If a problem should arise inside, simply call our office and we will set up an appointment immediately.

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