3 Things Long Island Business Owners Need To Know About Pests

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Pests are an equal-opportunity infester. They don't care how big or how small your Long Island business is. They'll infest large warehouses or tiny, corner convenience stores. But it is surprising how many business owners think they don't need pest control because of this or other reasons. We understand. You may say, "I don't have any food in my business; why would pests be a problem for me?" You might think that pests aren't as big a deal for your type of business. Or you might think you can't afford commercial pest control with what you're pulling in. Let's take a closer look at these three points and see what we can learn. 

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Pests Don't Care If You Have Food

The food we eat isn't the only thing that can cause pests to get into your business. Here are a few reasons you might have pests:

  • Birds get in to protect themselves from the weather.
  • Termites get in to eat the wood your business is made out of.
  • Silverfish get in because of moisture issues. Once inside, they eat a wide variety of things that you would not consider food, such as wallpaper paste and moist paper.
  • Carpenter ants get in because they tunnel in wood to create galleries for their nests. Once inside, they often feed on an outside food source, such as honeydew from aphids, scale insects, and white flies.
  • Spiders get in to feed on other pests that have gotten in.
  • Ticks and fleas get in because rodents, dogs, and cats bring them in.
  • Rodents can get into a storage locker just for harborage. Once inside, they can damage all of the stored items by exposing them to urine and feces.

These and other pests can present a threat to any business. They cause property damage and spread illness. If you think pests can't harm your business, you are incorrect.

Pests Are a Big Deal

A tiny cockroach can take down a giant business just by showing up in the wrong cheeseburger. But even pests that don't spread illness can cause serious problems for a business. Bed bugs are a great example of this. When these insects get into a hotel, motel, resort, or residential complex, they can cause long-lasting damage to the reputation of those businesses, leading to a significant loss in revenue. There are also harmless, non-biting pests that can damage the reputation of a business just by showing up. A ladybug is pretty when it is sitting on a flower. It is far less pretty when swimming in your soup du jour or doing the backstroke in your morning mocha. Even a small insect can be a big deal.

Pests Can Cost You a Lot More Than Pest Control

You can prevent problems before they arise when you have an ongoing commercial pest control program and routine visits from a licensed and experienced pest management professional. You can stop pests before tenants move out. You can stop pests before your business is known for having bugs. You can stop pests before they do extensive property damage. Proactive pest control is far more cost-effective than reactive pest control.

1 Thing You Need to Know About Parkway Pest Services

Many pest control companies service Long Island. If you take a moment to read How Parkway Pest Services Protects New York Businesses, you'll see what sets us apart from our competition. We have the certifications and experience to get the job done right. We employ board-certified entomologists and highly-trained pest management professionals. And, most of all, our customer service is second to none. If things go wrong (and sometimes they do), you can know that we'll make things right. In fact, we back this with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Don't trust your business to just anyone. Let Parkway Pest Services give your business the support it needs. We'll develop a customized plan to address your specific pest pressures and help you meet your budget. Whether you own a large commercial facility or a daycare out of your home, contact us today for a consultation. We are standing by to assist you with your commercial pest control needs.


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