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Is Your Business Fed Up With Clogged Drains And Foul Smells?

If your restaurant or commercial facility is having issues with clogged drains and foul smells, contact the New York pest control professionals today. We offer commercial bioremediation and dripline installation services throughout our service area that have been developed to:

Resolve clogged and backed up sinks

Eliminate foul odors caused by organic material stuck in drains

Cut down on flies and other insect breeding sites

Bioremediation is not just highly effective; it is also eco-friendly. There are no caustic chemicals used. Bioremediation uses naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria that eat away at the grease, fats, and other organic materials that cause those annoying drain backups. For the most effective and green drain cleaning services available, trust Parkway Pest Services today.

We also sell maintenance products that complement our bioremediation services.  Contact us today for a free quote on commercial services available in your area.


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