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What Is The Best Solution For Carpenter Ants In Long Island?

carpenter ant on sawdust

Marching to and from, carpenter ants might seem like the most harmless of the ant family. However, these pesky insects can actually deal significant damage to your Long Island home. Most people want to look into all kinds of ant control in Long Island before they call anyone in. When you learn how to get rid of ants, you might even think that it will be an easy fix. But if you’re not careful, any ant control solutions you choose to DIY might not be enough.

These tiny workers can march straight into your Long Island home and cost you hundreds, even thousands, in damage repairs. Don’t let your home suffer from an infestation of carpenter ants. Get the best pest control for ants that are plaguing your residence before any infestation can grow.

How Carpenter Ants Infest Long Island Homes

When figuring out if you have an infestation or not, there are many ways to tell. While something like termites can go undetected for years, carpenter ants are not as subtle. Stay vigilant and check for these signs:

  • Piles of wings around doors and windows
  • A small grinding or chewing sound coming from your walls
  • Bruised or crumbling walls
  • Small piles of what looks like sawdust around windows and floorboards
  • Warped or weak wood beams

Before you can know just how to get rid of ants you may have, you need to identify them first. From that point, you can better assess the situation and find a solution. However, when it comes to carpenter ants, you want to jump into action as quickly as possible to limit the amount of damage they can cause.

Damage Carpenter Ants Can Cause In Long Island

When it comes to carpenter ants, people tend to underestimate just how much damage they can cause. However, all across the U.S, carpenter ants cost Americans hundreds of millions of dollars in structural damage each year. These ants don’t bite, but they will crawl into your walls and chew until the structural wood of your home becomes damaged and unsafe.

You don’t want your home to become another victim to these six-legged vandals. Carpenter ants chew at wood in a way where it can’t be repaired so easily. If left untreated, the damage can end up costing you more than you realize.

Eliminate Carpenter Ants In Long Island Homes

Want to know how to get rid of ants in the house on your own? There are many types of DIY remedies you can try out. However, most DIYs are not an effective offense once ants have invaded. Here are a few things you can try before the infestation takes root:

  • Seal any holes or cracks around your home.
  • Sweep around all access points.
  • Store food in proper storage containers.
  • Clear the trash and shrubs around your home.
  • Store the trash properly and away from your house.
  • Don’t store firewood near your home.

These are all steps you can take when learning about ant pest control near you and your home. But again, these steps are more effective before any infestation can happen. They’re preventive methods; if you want the best pest control for ants, then you need a professional team to clear your home.

How To Keep Carpenter Ants Away From Long Island Homes

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