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What Is Exclusion?

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When you have a pest problem arises in the home most people are concerned with getting the pest out of the house as soon as possible, but it is also very important to also ask the question “how did they get in here”?   In order to prevent a re-infestation from occurring you need to put an exclusion plan in place to deny pests further access to your home. 

So what is exclusion?  Exclusion, also known as pest proofing, is an important step to prevent mice, camel crickets and other pests from taking over your home.  The act of exclusion is essentially eliminating entry points that insects, rodents and even wildlife such as squirrels use to access a dwelling.  When implementing this method, you can also reduce your need for chemical control.  The general rule is that mice other pests can enter any space that is a ¼ of an inch in diameter; smaller insects and spiders will be able to enter any space that you can see light through like under doors or around windows.  By fixing these points of entry you will greatly reduce the risk of a pest infestation.  You can start by:

  • Sealing any cracks, crevices or holes that you notice in or around you foundation
  • Checking under your roof eaves and again seal any openings to prevent pest from using your attic as home. 
  • Making sure that all door and windows are sealed and that any screens are intact without holes.
  • Keeping doors and windows shut if they don’t have screens.  Also, keeping your garage doors closed when not in use will help deter pests.
  • Sealing areas where electrical wires and pipes enter into your home. 

Even though these steps seem simple they can really make a big impact on preventing pest infestations.

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