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Westchester County Pest Alert: Raccoons


Are raccoons in West Chester County, New York experiencing a baby boom? You'd think so. We're getting more and more requests to take care of raccoon problems. One gentleman, who recently emailed us, pointed out there are at least 4 homes on his street currently in need of raccoon control. They're getting into trash cans, raiding dumpsters, breaking into homes, tearing up and contaminating insulation, and making noise at all hours of the night. It is enough to drive you crazy. But there is another threat raccoons pose. An invisible threat you may not even realize.

We all know that raccoons tear things up, knock things over, make a ton of racket, and leave urine and feces all over. You are probably also aware that these cute little critters are one of the most significant carriers of rabies in the United States. But are you aware of the invisible threat? The threat that can attack your family, and you won't even know those raccoons are responsible? No, we're not talking about the harmful bacteria they can bring from those dumpsters into your home though this could certainly be defined as an "invisible threat." But this type of illness is more closely related to mice and rats because raccoons don't typically crawl across your counters and get into your pantry food items while you sleep. This makes them less of a vector for the spread of harmful bacteria, but, if you plan on climbing into an attic that has been infested by a raccoon - you will definitely want to wear a mask and protective clothing.

So what is it? What is the invisible threat? Let's answer this question with another question. What is a parasite? This is an organism that lives in or on a host creature. Those cute little raccoons that are living in your attic or under your porch may be carrying another more significant threat to your family. This threat comes in the form of a lice infestation, a flea outbreak, or worse. If your kids climb into an attic area or garage space that has been infested by a raccoon, they could be exposed to roundworm. The egg spores found in raccoon droppings are light and can become airborne. If your kids inhale these spores, they can become infected. This can lead to larval parasite migration into the central nervous system.

Raccoons are definitely a nuisance to have around, but be aware of the significant health threat these animals can have in your home and on your property. If you need wildlife removal services or advice on how to deter wildlife from coming onto your property, contact Parkway Pest Services. We've been solving pest problems since 1932 and are equipped to safely handle a large variety of wildlife infestations, including raccoons.