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The Perfect Dinner Date Doesn't Include Bugs


Do you know that there are men in this world who are so good at wooing women they actually make a career out of it? We're not talking about the men who woo rich woman and use them for their money. We're talking about guys who teach other guys the "art" of wooing. Some call themselves date doctors, some romance coaches; but often, they are simply therapists who specialize in building self-esteem and offering practical techniques for breaking down barriers and fostering intimacy.

Let's imagine for a moment that we have tracked down one of these date doctors and asked them to write down the perfect date. What do you think that would look like? There is a good chance it would include a restaurant, candlelight, and mood music. These are the staples of romance. We can also assume that there are some things it would most definitely exclude. Bugs are one of them. No "perfect" date would have flies buzzing around the food or a cockroach running along the wall on the way to the bathroom. Bugs have a definite propensity for ruining the mood. If either of these were to happen, do you think that couple would return to your restaurant for another date? - Of course not! But we're not telling you anything you don't know. Bugs are bad for business. Here are some things you may not know.

  • You've heard that sanitation is key to resisting bugs. All trash should be removed every night and the dining area should be thoroughly cleaned; but good sanitation alone isn't enough to keep some bugs out. Cockroaches are omnivorous that can survive on some very strange things like soap and the paste from wallpaper. They will also dine on rotting organic matter that is hard to get to and clean. These are creatures that prefer tight space under or on the side of ovens and stoves. Having these appliances on wheels makes proper cleaning easier.
  • You know that bugs are looking for food. But do you know that bugs come into your restaurant for another important reason? When temperatures drop, many bugs look for a warmer place to be. Your kitchen is definitely going to be warmer than the outside. This is why sealed walls, working screens, and professional treatments from a pest control company are so important. It is important to always have a barrier.
  • Your outside trash is most likely sealed and secure because you know that bugs feed on it and breed in it. Do you know that there are other attractants that will draw bugs to your restaurant? Exterior white lights can also draw bugs in and those flying insects will draw in spiders. Consider replacing exterior white lights with yellow insect-resistant lighting.
  • You are probably aware that insect light traps are essential for reducing flies but are you aware of effective placement methods. Do you know to place these units near windows and doors to catch stray flies when they slip in? Are you aware that putting these over food prep areas can give you bad marks on a government inspection?

The perfect dinner date doesn't include bugs. If you're battling with pests in your restaurant, give Parkway Pest Services a call. We can help you protect your business with modern Integrated Pest Management solutions and industry-leading pest control techniques.