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Top Camel Cricket Prevention Tips

camel cricket

Camel crickets are very common household pests that many homeowners aren’t too familiar with. Camel crickets have many different names that they go by including cave cricket, cave wetas, and spider crickets. Familiarizing yourself with this pest can help you to identify an infestation sooner than later so that you can get the help you need to rid these nuisance pests from your home as quickly as possible!

The first thing to note about the camel cricket is that you aren’t going to be able to hear that this cricket has invaded your home because unlike other common cricket species they do not create a tell-tale chirp; they are silent. The second thing to note about cave crickets is that they have an appearance that only a mother could love! Camel crickets are quite unattractive, they have a hunched body, extremely large back legs, very long antennae, and they are wingless; adults range in color from a very light tan to dark brown and they often have dark bands of color on various parts of their body.

Camel crickets like to live outside in cool, dark, damp places, including caves! If the weather outside becomes too hot and dry, or too cold they tend to move inside homes and other buildings to find a dark damp environment to live in. Nine times out of ten if camel crickets have invaded your home they will be found in your basement which provides the humid dark atmosphere they are used to. At Parkway Pest Services our professionals want to provide you with some steps that you can take to help deter and prevent camel crickets from making your home, their new home! Camel cricket prevention tips include:

  • Using dehumidifiers in basement areas to reduce humidity levels.
  • Making sure that basements and crawl spaces are well ventilated.
  • Cleaning out the clutter from your basement. Less clutter equals fewer places for camel crickets to hide.
  • Sealing all possible entry points found in the exterior of your home. Repairing cracks in the foundation, placing door sweeps underneath of basement doors, and caulking gaps found around basement doors and windows.
  • Storing piles of firewood a good distance from the exterior of your home.
  • Removing piles of leaves, grass, and other organic debris from your property.

In addition to the above control measures, putting into place a year-round pest control solution is the best way to stop your home from being infested by camel crickets. Both of our home pest control programs, Parkway PestGuard, and Parkway PestGuard+, address both the exterior and interior needs of your home. These programs provide the services needed to effectively eliminate and prevent problems with camel crickets and other common household pests throughout the entire year!

Contact us today at Parkway Pest Services to get the peace of mind you need to know that camel crickets and other household pests won’t be choosing your New York home to live in ever again!