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Bats Can Be Really Pesky In Nassau And Westchester Counties

bat hanging in a tree

Even though some individuals may find bats cute and welcome their presence, this tiny flying mammal can be pesky to deal with once they’ve moved into your home. Bat control is an essential step in safely removing bats from your property, and trusting the professionals is the best way to control bats in Nassau and Westchester Counties.

What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Learning how to control bats in your house is dependent on understanding what attracts this pest to your property in the first place. 

Things that can attract bats to your home include:

  • Easy access to water, a pool of fresh drinking water, or leaks and moisture issues around your home can provide this essential for bats.
  • Cracks in roofing, around windows and doors, and vent areas that lead into your home’s attic provide an easy source of shelter.
  • A large pest-prey population around your property can bring bats as they look to feed on other insects; beetles, moths, and mosquitoes.

As soon as you identify and reduce or remove these elements around your property, you have a better chance of defeating and deterring bat infestations.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Bats?

The easiest way to deter bats in your home is to reduce factors that attract them. In addition to this, you can implement bat prevention tips such as spreading around smells they hate (like mothballs) in their hiding places and investing in professional pest control in Nassau and Westchester Counties.

This multifaceted approach will help you remove any live bats, eradicate the droppings that bats leave behind (these can cause disease if touched or removed improperly), and keep your home further protected from bat infestations.

Our professionals at Parkway Pest Services should be your first step for more information about bat control in Nassau and Westchester Counties.

Five Tips To Keep Bats Off Your Property

A significant part of bat pest control is implementing prevention tactics to stop this pest from invading. Follow our five tips below to deter bats:

  1. Seal holes and cracks around windows and doors, vented areas, and the roof and foundation of your home, stopping bats from invading your house looking for accessible shelter.
  2. Install bat nets around major bat entry points and larger windows or attic vents that you can’t seal up. The net will allow bats to fly out but confuse them when they get back inside.
  3. Utilize smells that bats hate around their nesting areas to drive them out; carefully spread around mothballs, cinnamon, and eucalyptus.
  4. Install bright lights around your property that stay on during the night or are motion-triggered and deter bats from your property as they hate bright light.
  5. Reduce bat food sources in your yard by contacting Parkway Pest Services for pest control advice and services. 

The best prevention tactic to control bats on your property is to have routine pest control from the professionals of Parkway Pest Services.

Efficient Bat Removal in Nassau And Westchester Counties

When it comes to efficient bat removal in Nassau and Westchester Counties, only the bat control products and services provided by Parkway Pest Services can help you safely and quickly remove this pest from your home.

 Our professionals at Parkway Pest Services are highly skilled in removing bats from any area of your home and can give you the advice you need to protect your property from further infestations.