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Dangerous Raccoons In Greenwich, CT


This isn't a public service message or a local news story. Rabid raccoons haven't flooded downtown Greenwich. There is no cause for alarm. But there is cause for caution. Too often, innocent people get mauled by raccoons or expose themselves to dangers they aren't even aware of because they do not treat these wild animals with discretion.

The dangers raccoons pose in Greenwich, CT.

Raccoons may look cute, but they are far from docile. If this animal is cornered, protecting its young, sick with rabies, or feels threatened, it will attack. And, it is not a creature to be taken lightly.

Raccoons forage in dumpsters and trash cans and pass through sewage pipes. Because of this, they are a high risk for spreading illness and carrying rabies. It is important to be aware of the symptoms of rabies.

  • Erratic behavior and mood swings.
  • A look of drunkenness that includes stumbling, lethargy, and aimless wandering.
  • Foaming at the mouth or pus around the eyes.
  • Paralysis in one or both legs.

If you are bitten by a raccoon, the animal needs to be trapped and sent out for rabies testing, even if it looks healthy. For more information please visit ;

Here are some tips for keeping raccoons off your property and out of your home.

  • Keep all trash sealed and secured. Raccoons are looking for a food source. If they find one, they may choose to live in, or under, your home.
  • Be sure to put a fence around your garden area.
  • If water collects near your basement walls, raccoons will come in for a drink.
  • If your yard is overgrown, raccoons will feel more safe.
  • If your porch, deck or patio are not skirted with wire fencing, raccoons may take up residence underneath.
  • When protecting your attic from raccoon invasion, you need to protect it as if you are trying to keep out a human burglar. Lock all your windows, keep glass repaired, and consider installing spike deterrents on ledges, sills, and lattices.

If you see raccoons entering or exiting your Greenwich, CT home, contact Parkway Pest Services. Our wildlife control team has the experience, knowledge base, and equipment to safely remove this threat, cleanse infected areas, and seal your home from future invasion. Under no circumstances, should you ever try to trap this animal yourself. The last thing you need is to be the victim of a raccoon bite. Be safe. Get Parkway.