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The Problems With The Crickets In Westchester County


With yellowish-brown coloring and three dark bands that encircle their heads, house crickets have large, jumping hind legs that they’ll use to hop around your Westchester home. If you’ve ever heard one of these bugs chirping away, you may be interested to know that only male house crickets are capable of making noise.

Still, having male (or female) house crickets in your Westchester home will do more than cause a racket. Here’s what you should know about the problems that these pests cause, how you can prevent them, and what to do if you’re having issues keeping them away.

What Problems Do Crickets In Westchester County Cause?

When most people think of crickets, they think of the loud chirping sound they emit. While these noisy pests are a nuisance, crickets can cause other problems too, such as:

  • Spreading disease: Most of the time, crickets aren’t dangerous because of their bite. They’re dangerous because of the harmful diseases they spread. Among others, house crickets have been known to contaminate food and spread salmonella. And, they can even spread parasitic worms through their droppings.
  • Causing insomnia: While one or two crickets might not keep you up at night, an entire infestation in your home can lead to insomnia. As infestations grow, the nocturnal chirping of house crickets can become harder and harder to sleep through.
  • Creating property damage: Part of a cricket’s diet is fibrous keratin, which is found in certain leathers and fabrics. It’s not unusual for house crickets to chew through clothing or certain types of furniture while they’re in your home.

For these reasons and more, it is important to be proactive in keeping crickets out of your Westchester County home.

How To Prevent Crickets In Westchester County

While they aren’t always as easy to prevent as some pests are, there are still steps you can take to keep crickets out of your Westchester home, including:

  • Regularly mow your la/e problems, like leaky faucets or other plumbing issues, can look attractive. As soon as you notice moisture problems, you’ll want to address them as quickly as possible.

These steps are all a great way to minimize the risk of crickets moving into your home.

cricket in grass

The Best Way To Deal With Crickets In Westchester County

Along with using the preventative tips above, the best way to keep crickets out of your home in Westchester County is with an ongoing relationship with professionals – like those of us at Parkway Pest Services.

Not only do we offer same-day services for those immediate cricket problems, but we’ve been serving the Westchester County area since 1932. Our job isn’t done until we can leave your home pest and cricket-free. If you’ve noticed house crickets in your home or constantly around your property, don’t let the problem get worse. Contact us at Parkway Pest Services today to find out more about our cricket removal and control services.