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How Silverfish Get Into Westchester Homes

three silverfish in an empty drinking glass

Silverfish may be Westchester’s weirdest pests. You don’t believe us? Consider this. Silverfish have three tails, or at least they have three tail-like appendages. They also look like fish, not just with their appearance but also how they wiggle while moving. To top things off, silverfish are considered to be the most ancient creatures on the planet. Whether these things make silverfish the weirdest pests in our area is uncertain. What is certain is that these bugs cause serious problems when they get into area homes. To help you keep silverfish out of your Westchester home, here are some things to consider.

Why Do Silverfish Enjoy Living Inside Homes?

Although silverfish do live outdoors, they much prefer the comforts of our living areas. Our homes shelter these pests from negative conditions outside, a near-infinite amount of food, and enough moisture to provide for all their needs.

What Do Silverfish Eat?

Another thing that makes silverfish weird is their diet. These pests do not just eat things that humans eat, like cereal, nuts, vegetables, and cake, but also consume fibrous materials like clothing, rugs, books, glue, dead insects, and shampoo.

Ways Silverfish Invade Homes

Silverfish find their way into homes in many ways. The most common way these pests invade is by crawling through gaps, cracks, and holes in a home's exterior. More specifically, these pests look for damage in exterior foundations, tears in window/door screens, holes in weather-stripping/door sweeps, and open doors and windows. Another way silverfish invade homes is by hitching a ride on an item like a bag of used clothing, a storage box, or a couch. This behavior is similar to that of bed bugs, another common pest in our area.

How To Identify A Silverfish

The good news is that silverfish are among the most identifiable pests in our area. The bad news is that they are adept at staying out of sight and are difficult to spot around living areas. Part of the reason for this is that these pests are nocturnal and usually stay out of sight during the day. As infestations grow more severe, however, you will start to notice these pests coming out during the day.

Prevention Tips For Silverfish

Now that you have a better understanding of what silverfish are and why they invade area homes let’s talk about some practical ways to keep them out of your living areas. To start, try these exclusion and prevention tips

  • Eliminate sources of moisture build-up in and around your home.
  • Fix leaky pipes and fixtures.
  • Use a dehumidifier indoors to reduce moisture levels.
  • Fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation, using a caulking gun or liquid cement.
  • Repair damage to window/door screens.
  • Make sure weather stripping and door sweeps are in good repair.
  • Keep dry food stored in airtight containers.
  • Clean out your pet's food and water bowls after every meal.

The Professional Approach To Silverfish Control

Taking care of silverfish problems on your own is not an easy task. It takes constant effort and a tremendous amount of time. This is why we recommend turning to a professional for your pest problems. At Parkway Pest Services, we make silverfish control easy for people living in Westchester. Contact us today if you suspect your home is infested or are looking for a long-term solution to keep silverfish and other pests at bay. We will walk you through your home pest control or commercial pest management options and find one that best suits your needs.