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Bed Bugs In Westchester County, NY

bed bugs

Unlike deer ticks that can spread lyme disease and mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile virus, bed bugs are not a health threat. Like the pests just mentioned, they will bite and they are more noticeable during the summer months but not for the reason(s) you might think.

Bed bugs really aren’t a seasonal pest problem in the same way ticks and mosquitoes are. They do not wake up when the weather is warm. No bed bugs are always on the move, it’s just they pick up their pace once summer hits. And really that is only because we are on the go even more than usual. Bed bugs are hitchhikers by nature. They catch a ride on suitcases, purses, even people and since both domestic and international travel increases during the summer months, it’s only natural that we would see more reports of bed bug infestations.

Have you been cruising through your neighborhood, noticed a couch sitting on the curb and thought about taking it home? We hope you drove on by without stopping and here’s why - that couch may have bed bugs hiding out in it. Perhaps the owner discovered an infestation and threw it out for the trashman. You really don’t want to take that problem home. We would also urge you to avoid bringing home used mattresses, other furniture previously owned, and second hand clothing that you find on the side of the road or at garage sales and flea markets this summer. At the very least, inspect each item thoroughly before it passes through your front door.

Bed bugs are a threat to every home and every commercial establishment. They are not a pest that discriminates but one that will catch a ride into any type of home, dirty or clean. They’ll visit any hotel, motel or resort without regard for how many stars it has. No home or business is exempt.

If you’re worried about bed bugs in Westchester County, contact Parkway Pest Services. Our team of bed bug control professionals are ready to inspect and treat for bed bugs if necessary. Visit our bed bug treatment page to learn more about our service offerings or contact us today to discuss your problem!