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Why DIY Termite Control Can Be A Bad Idea In New York

Termite damage through out the wooden base boards in a new york home during fall season

Your house is an important haven. We want to help you keep it that way. There are many factors that can make owning a home difficult. You have many risks to protect yourself from, and some of these dangers aren’t covered by insurance. Termites are a pest that can cause severe property destruction, and this damage is rarely covered in insurance plans. You can take some steps to prevent termites from getting into your home, but once they’ve come inside, you’ll want professional help. Termites can cause a lot of damage to your home. Don’t waste time by trying repeatedly to get rid of them using home remedies. Instead, let Parkway Pest Control keep your home safe.

Identifying Termites

How do you know if you have a termite infestation? Termites are incredibly difficult to spot since they almost never show themselves. You’re most likely to be dealing with subterranean termites, which live underground but travel into your home to feed. They’ll spend most of their time behind the walls eating the wood that supports your home. If you don’t catch them early, the damage can be quick. You may notice that your walls are slightly bowed, that the floor has bulges or bumps, or that the ceilings are starting to dip. Windows and doors may start to get stuck. This means that termites have already spent some time in your house. Before it gets to this point, keep an eye out for flying termites, called swarmers. These termites are looking for new locations to establish colonies and are a good sign that there’s an established colony nearby. Check for discarded wings near your windows and contact Parkway if you find any!

DIY Solutions

The internet is full of so-called “life hacks” including tips for termite control. These natural remedies sound great, but they aren’t a good solution for getting rid of termites that have already found your New York home. It’s best to think of these as prevention options, but not elimination strategies.

Boric acid is one common DIY for termite control. This powder soaks into wood and kills termites that eat that wood. But it only affects the termites that come in contact with it, so you’ll never be able to target the entire colony of termites.

Another solution is a vinegar spray which can be sprayed around the opening of a termite nest or along the wood where termites feed. Termites can travel a good distance, so having termites in your house doesn’t mean you know where their nest is. This method is most effective if you know where the termite colony is hiding, but you most likely don’t.

Finally, many people attempt to use over-the-counter bait stations to eliminate termites. Unlike some other solutions, bait stations do attack the entire colony, since infected termites bring the poison back with them. However, these bait stations don’t attract termites, so you have to hope they’ll find them and eat them. There are no guarantees.

Successful Termite Elimination

Your safest option for dealing with termites is to let Parkway Pest Services eliminate termites with the proper tools and equipment. Our Sentricon Baiting System is far more effective than traditional bait systems, as it attracts termites and targets the entire colony. We use Integrated Pest Management Techniques and are committed to protecting your home from termites so it can continue to be a haven for you and your family, without worries of termite damage.