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Avoid The Fall Invasion Of Silverfish


Silverfish are beautiful to behold, right? Flashing just beneath the surface of a peaceful lake. Scooting to and fro inside a large, colorful, illuminated fish tank. Or perhaps on a plate in a fancy restaurant, ready to be eaten? Yes, silverfish are beautiful. But, what if we take out the space between the words "silver" and "fish?" What if we said, "Silverfish are beautiful to behold." Would you agree with this statement? Yeah, we didn't think so. Read on to see if some of your reasons are listed below.

Silverfish love moisture. They are drawn to moist conditions in a yard, things like piles of wet leaves or other yard waste, wet mulch or rotting wood on your home. And if they are drawn in close and get on your foundation and walls, it is likely that they will find their way inside. And, not unlike humans, silverfish love a good book, a warm fire, and a cozy sweater. Only, unlike humans, silverfish don't read or wear things, instead, they eat books and sweaters. In fact, silverfish eat lots of things humans would never consider eating.

  • Pantry items: Well, okay, humans eat these. But, when silverfish get into pantries and eat through packaging, they can cause food to spoil or go stale. And who likes finding disgusting bugs swimming around in their Froot Loops?
  • Books: Silverfish love to eat a good book. But they aren't really interested in the paper, what they are after is the glue that holds the book together.
  • Fabrics: Sweaters aren't the only kind of fabric item that silverfish like to nibble on. They are also happy to eat cotton, linen, silk, and leather, and they are most attracted to items that have food or drink spilled on them, or items with starches or adhesives.
  • Wallpaper: Speaking of adhesives, silverfish love eating the adhesive off the back of the wallpaper. This can cause wallpaper to droop and sag and eventually need to be replaced.
  • Memories: Yup, you read right. Silverfish love to eat memories. We are talking about old photographs, or perhaps not-so-old photographs. Silverfish like eating photos and, when they do, you may lose those memories for good, if you don't have backup copies stored in a safe place.

If you are finding silverfish in your home, you likely have moisture issues on, in and around your home. You may also have holes in your foundation or walls. And if you have holes, then other insects and pest animals may be getting in as well--insects and animals that may be far more dangerous and damaging than silverfish. If you would rather not be dealing with silverfish and other household pests, consider learning about year-round pest control from Parkway Pest Services. If you want to enjoy silverfish in your home aquarium, that's wonderful. But if you would rather not live with silverfish in your home, give us a shout. We'll take care of that for you.