Most Common Overwintering Pests In Westchester County

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By now many are enjoying the frosty mornings where the trees sparkle and the grass is covered in a silvery glaze as the sun peaks over the horizon. As much as we have loved the summer months, that heat and humidity have worn on us, and we look forward to taking in a deep breath of air that is not saturated with water. We look forward to going outside without being drenched in sticky sweat and feeling completely run-down and exhausted by the heat. We have completely forgotten how much we looked forward to summer’s heat in the midst of last winter’s freeze. We surely are a fickle group when it comes to the weather!

It’s interesting, though, how much we love the seasons and the changes they bring when we stop and think about it! But, not all seasonal changes are good. With each passing month come new challenges and new threats to consider. Just look at the world of pests. Each season, and sometimes each month, you have a new pest to consider. So, which pests should you be concerned about here in Westchester County as fall fades away and the blustery winter winds prepare to blow?

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