Three Helpful Tips To Keep Nuisance Wildlife Away From Your Westchester Property

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The number of different invasive pests that can pose problems for your property is a lot larger than you might think. From large wildlife like deer to small foragers like ants and rodents, the only way to truly protect against pests is to keep up on proven prevention methods -- and to enlist the help of professionals. 

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Spotting Nuisance Wildlife

Nuisance wildlife includes a wide range of invasive pests, from the kind that simply destroy your yard to the ones that look for ways indoors for food and shelter. Here are just some of the many different pests that are common to find encroaching on human territory: 

  • Big wildlife: This can include wolves and deer, even bears, which all wander into people’s yards and damage fences or dig up gardens in search of food or prey. 

  • Raccoons: These trash-digging pests are so good at foraging that they thrive off the garbage in our trash cans. That’s what often drives them to invade properties where they know morsels of food will be readily available. 

  • Birds: While pigeons are some of the most well-known, many different species of local birds can cause damage to roofs and structures with their nesting. Bird poop is also highly corrosive and can eat through concrete. 

The Problems Of Invasive Pests

No matter which kind of wildlife you find infesting your property, they can all cause or lead to big problems. The reason it’s important to act quickly on proper pest control is so you can avoid these kinds of issues: 

  • Damage: From damaged fences to torn up lawns, even holes and structural damage caused to buildings, the number of ways that wildlife can damage your property is as varied as the pests themselves. 

  • Disease: In addition to being destructive, pests can often carry diseases and parasites that are easily transmittable to people and pets.

  • Pests: Once one kind of pest settles onto a property, they almost always attract other creatures. Larger wildlife feed on the smaller (usually insect) pests that often shack up in our yards and properties. 

Wildlife Prevention For Your Property

Because the risks are so severe, the most important thing to know about pest control is that it’s an ongoing and continuous process. Rather than react to problems as they pop up, take steps to protect your property from invasive wildlife before they even think about coming close. To do that, consider the following:

  • Trash storage: Often, the first food source that invasive pests are exposed to on a property is the scraps they can find in a dumpster or garbage can. Be sure to securely contain your trash both inside and outdoors. 

  • Fences & walls: Regularly checking your fences and the exterior walls of any structures will help you spot potential access points early. No hole or crack should be treated as insignificant as pests can squeeze or dig their way through. 

  • Professional treatments: The surest way to ward off all kinds of wildlife is with exterior treatments of your property, which ward off pests and other nuisance wildlife. 

The Best Protection Comes From Parkway

To truly protect against the variety of wildlife that can threaten your property, partner with the local pest experts who can provide you with more helpful tips and proven methods. At Parkway Pest Services, our friendly staff knows how to defend against any kind of pests that come knocking. We can quickly remove existing problems before they cause harm or destruction. Let us get started right away on an inspection of your property to determine what will work best to protect against invasive wildlife. For pest control you can rely on, turn to Parkway Pest Services today. 


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