Who Doesn't Love A Squirrel?

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If you've ever had a squirrel get into your home, you're probably thinking, "Me! I don't love a squirrel!" This is usually how it goes. Most people love squirrels until they've had to deal with one in their home.

There is something fun about having squirrels running around the yard. We get it. They're cute, furry, and fun to watch. It's sort of like having a yard pet.

Some folks take having yard squirrels to another level. They'll put food out for them, and even feed them from their hand when the squirrels grow comfortable with this feeding arrangement.

These are animals that will make many people stop and look out the window when they scurry by on the porch or deck, especially children. There is something fun about seeing a wild animal up close and personal.

It is important that you understand where we are coming from. We love squirrels too. We have kids that love them. And, we look out our windows at them when they scamper across the fence or scramble up a tree. But, as pest control technicians, we know the dark side too.

When squirrels go from being a lawn pet to a household pest, these cute little animals can quickly become unlovable. They bump around in the walls and attic spaces, chew holes in things, break things, leave their feces and urine around, and introduce parasites into the home. The last one being a lot more subtle.

Many people don't realize that wild animals can carry lice, ticks, fleas, and mites into their home. They're focused is on the noise, the smell, and the mess. When they find lice in their kid's hair, they don't make the connection. They think the lice came from someone at school.

The people who do not love squirrels the most are those who have been bitten by a squirrel. This happens when a squirrel is trapped, protecting its young, or sick with the rabies virus. It is never wise to underestimate the danger a squirrel can present.

If you have a squirrel in your home, let the wildlife specialists here at Parkway Pest Services safely, and humanely, remove it from your home. We'll also put in place measures to keep those animals from getting in again, repair damage they caused, and address issues of contamination. When it comes to wildlife control, you can trust  Parkway Services to take care of everything.

Who doesn't love a squirrel? They are cute, furry, and fun to watch. Let Parkway Pest Services keep them where they belong. You will be glad you did.


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