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Commercial Pest Control

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Protect Your Brand From Insects And Rodents

Parkway Pest Services has been providing quality, professional commercial pest control services to Westchester, Connecticut and throughout New York Metropolitan area since 1932. We take pride in assisting industrial and commercial facilities achieve and maintain a pest-free environment. Our top priority is protecting you, your property, your employees, products and buildings by using the safest and latest technology. This is how Parkway accomplishes this:

  • Parkway is registered, licensed and certified in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey in Ornamental and Turf, Structural Pest Control, Termites, Food Processing, Public Health and Nuisance Wildlife

  • 2 Board Certified Entomologists and 2 Associate Certified Entomologists on staff

  • All Pest Control Technicians are certified by the States' EPA and/or DEC

  • Continuous and constant training is provided to our professional staff, keeping us abreast of the latest changes in the laws and technology

Regardless of your industry, we are ready to customize a pest management program that addresses your company’s pest pressures while remaining sensitive to your facility and the environment.

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Comprehensive Solutions For Your Business

Do not be caught in the position of pesticide unawareness or poor record keeping. Parkway will provide you with log books, monthly reports, recommendations, insurance coverage, licenses, pesticide labels and SDS. 

Review the Parkway advantages:

  • IPM is environmentally sound

  • No indoor pollution

  • No health worries

  • Safe around high tech equipment

  • The quality of the workplace environment is enhanced

  • Liability is reduced and safety is maximized

  • Everyone benefits

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Parkway offers effective commercial pest control that utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for nearly every industry. Parkway uses numerous measures to control pests, not just pesticides. Sanitation, identification, cleaning, exclusion, lighting, air current, mechanical changes are just a few of the methods used to achieve IPM pest control. We eliminate the "sick building syndrome" and the perception occupants have when pest control is performed. IPM procedures focus on inspecting and monitoring for pest activity. Parkway methods are as follows:

  • Routine inspections of the facility and grounds

  • Monitoring stations to discover pest activity before it becomes severe

  • IPM Education

  • Highly effective baits and gels - No airborne contaminants

  • Treatment only when necessary

  • Parkway is Green Shield Certified by the IPM Institute of North America

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