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           a technician inspecting a bed for bed bugs

Bed Bug Control: Helpful Tips For Fairview Business Owners 

Bed bugs are common residential pests around the Fairview area. After only a few decades, these presumed-extinct pests have quickly spread around North America. Homeowners and their families are very susceptible to attacks from these creatures, as well as commercial businesses in the area.

If your Fairview business could be threatened by the appearance of bed bugs, do what you can today to keep them out tomorrow. Follow these helpful tips: 

  • Clean all fabrics, bedsheets, and upholstery inside the business regularly. 

  • Inspect your building for signs of infestation: itchy bites, blood spatter, sweet scents, or piles of exoskeletons around doors and windows. 

  • Have your business regularly treated with preventative bed bug control products. The team at Parkway Pest Services offers exclusive services for commercial business owners in the Fairview area. 


Learn more about the products we use against commercial bed bug infestations by calling Parkway Pest Services right away. 

How To Identify Termites In Your Fairview, NY Home

termites in their nest eating wood of a home

New York State currently suffers from two major species of termite: the drywood termite and the subterranean termite. Although each of these termite types has some very distinguishable characteristics, they each have six legs, large mandibles, and often engorged heads. Termites are a serious concern for home and business owners alike and are credited with the destruction of more than 5 billion dollars worth of property each year

If you are concerned about a termite presence in your Fairview home, keep on the lookout for these other identifying characteristics: 

1. Hollow-sounding walls or structural supports.

2. The presence of mud tunnels (hollow dirt tubes) running across walls, floors, or ceilings.

3. Continuous clicking sounds coming from the walls or ceilings of the home.

4. Dark patches or sagging areas around the roof.

5. Areas with fine sawdust or frass piled into corners.

One or more of the above symptoms may point toward a serious termite infestation around your home.  We can help confirm an infestation with our termite inspection,  Make the right decision against termite activity for your Fairview property. Contact the team at Parkway Pest Services to discuss a termite control plan just for you. 


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