How To Handle Ground Beetle Infestations In Long Island

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What do ground beetles eat? How do you identify them? Here's what Long Island homeowners should know about the appearance of ground beetles, how they become indoor pests, how you can spot their eggs and larvae, and how pest control in Long Island can help with getting rid of ground beetles.

a ground beetle in a yard

What Do Ground Beetles Look Like?

While coloring and size can vary slightly from species to species, most ground beetles have black coloring with flat, elongated bodies. They can grow up to an inch in length, and while they do have wings on their back, they're not able to fly.

Their flat, dark bodies can make it easy for many homeowners to mistake ground beetles for cockroaches. Telling the difference is important – while ground beetles may be a nuisance, they aren't a health risk, nor do they spread disease as cockroaches do. Fortunately, there are some key differences between the two types of pests. Both pests have a pair of antennae, but a beetle's antennae are much shorter in length.

Most ground beetles also have segmented heads, so there's a clear gap between the head and the rest of the body. Cockroaches don't have this same segmented head; their entire body forms one long line. While both roaches and beetles have six legs, cockroaches have long, spikey legs that help them stick to surfaces as they move. The six legs on a ground beetle tend to be shorter and don't have any spikes.

You may also notice that beetles and cockroaches move a little bit differently. You're less likely to see cockroaches during the day since they are nocturnal, but if you do manage to spot one, these critters move quickly. Ground beetles aren't quite in the same rush, and they crawl across floors and other surfaces at a much slower pace.

Can Ground Beetles Become Indoor Pests?

It's not uncommon to see the occasional ground beetle in your garden or yard, but can they infest your home too? While ground beetles may prefer to be outdoor pests since they like to feed on slugs and other insects, they can occasionally wander inside.

Like many insects, ground beetles are attracted to light and may crawl through a crack in your foundation or under your door to get to a brightly lit area. It's also possible that ground beetles may wander inside if there's a big enough food source for them in your home – or if they can't find enough food outside. Homes that have existing pest and insect issues are more likely to attract ground beetles.

Fortunately, ground beetles are usually a nuisance pest. While they may bite or pinch if they feel threatened, they aren't capable of causing real harm to humans. Still, ground beetles that invade your home in large numbers can be a nuisance and extremely difficult to eliminate.

How To Spot Ground Beetle Eggs & Larvae

One way to identify a ground beetle infestation is by spotting their eggs and larvae in your garden or home, but what do they look like? Ground beetle eggs are small, white, and oval-shaped, and most beetles prefer to lay their eggs on soil, mulch, or leaves.

Ground beetles can reproduce quickly, with a female ground beetle capable of laying anywhere from 30 to 600 eggs after mating. Ground beetles remain in the egg stage for about a week until they hatch and become larvae. In this stage, beetles may resemble garden centipedes with long, black, or brown segmented bodies.

You may not always see ground beetle larvae when they're living outside since they prefer to live and feed inside the soil. Ground beetles are most vulnerable as eggs and larvae since they can't move to escape predators or other dangers the same way they can as adults.

Total Pest Control Made Easy In Long Island

While ground beetle infestations aren't always common in your home, they can still happen, but the professionals at Parkway Pest Services can help. Not only can we eliminate infestations inside your home or around your property, but we can also treat other pest issues that may be attracting ground beetles to your home.

Whether you know you have ground beetles or you're not sure if you have beetles or roaches, we're only a phone call away – contact us today at Parkway Pest Services to learn more about our ground beetle control services or to schedule an appointment.


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