Is The Spider In My Bronx Home Dangerous?

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Spiders are creepy, scary pests. When you start seeing them in your home, it can make you wonder whether or not you're going to get bitten. Fortunately, most of the spiders that you'll find in your Bronx home will not be dangerous to you. While all spiders have venom, the common spiders in the Bronx do not have a venom that is considered a medical threat. Let's take a closer look at these spiders.


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Common House Spider

This spider is also referred to as the American house spider, a tiny spider that will create wispy webs in the upper corners of your rooms and tend those webs while you're sleeping. One spider can tend several webs. If an American house spider climbs on you while you're sleeping, you can get bitten. But the pain from the bites isn't likely to wake you. You'll notice a red welt in the morning.

Wolf Spider

This spider does not create a web to catch its prey. It is a hunter spider that uses its excellent vision to hunt down and spring onto its prey. The good news is that it doesn't consider you to be prey. But keep in mind that it has the ability to bite you and spring at you if it feels threatened. It also has the ability to cause a bite that will feel like a bee stung you. Be cautious when going into secluded locations within your home. This is where wolf spiders prefer to explore.

Jumping Spiders

This spider is known for its jump. It doesn't just spring forward as the wolf spider does. It can jump twenty times its body height! It also has great eyesight. So it can jump on you and bite you. If it does, you don't have too much to fear. It will only cause a mildly painful bite wound.

Orb Weaver Spiders

This is a spider you'll find in your landscaping. They don't generally get inside and stay inside. If you go near an orb weaver spider, it will flee from you. But it can bite if it feels threatened. A large orb weaver spider can cause a painful bite. Small orb weaver spiders don't have mouthparts strong enough to break the skin of a human. You have nothing to fear from those little guys.

Yellow Sac Spider

This is the spider to be most concerned about in the Bronx. It has a painful bite, and its venom can cause mild necrosis. If you get bitten in a sensitive location, you might get a small, disfiguring wound. You should definitely have these spiders dealt with as soon as you see them in your home. They're easy to distinguish from other spiders. They're yellow and visually hairless.

Brown Recluse Spider

This spider is not native to New York, but an infestation of brown recluse spiders can occur in your Bronx home because they can live entirely indoors, and they're able to grow large populations indoors. If they get into your home, they'll probably do it by hitchhiking inside furniture, boxes, and other stored items.

Black Widow Spider

This is another spider that is not native to New York. It will hitchhike into your home. But it doesn't do well inside manufactured structures. You're not likely to have too much trouble with these spiders in New York.

Spring Spider Prevention Tips

  • If you do a little spring cleaning, keep spiders in mind. Removing clutter from your yard can reduce the spider population outside. Spiders build webs on objects in your yard.
  • Roll your sleeves up and take the time to inspect your exterior and seal any entry points you find. It's hard work but totally worth it if you don't like bugs and rodents sharing your home with you.
  • Find and remove webs outdoors and indoors. When you dispose of webs, you may be disposing of eggs that could turn into tiny hatchlings. There is a spider removal tool for doing this job. It will keep you from getting a bite from the spider that doesn't take kindly to its web being removed.
  • Inspect boxes before you bring them into your home, just in case there are any stowaways.

Spider Control

If you need assistance with spider control in the Bronx, remember that Parkway Pest Services has a reputation for effective pest control and friendly customer care. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance with any of your pest control needs.


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