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Kings Point, NY Commercial Pest Control Services

Trust Parkway with the pest control needs of your Kings Point commercial property; we are an industry leader when it comes to commercial pest control services. We take pride in being able to offer our business customers pest control solutions that use limited amounts of pesticides because we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies. IPM solutions include the implementation of increased sanitation practices, identification of entry sites, exclusion measures, and mechanical changes. Using IPM, we can control pest problems while using only limited amounts of pesticides in targeted areas of your facility!

Benefits to choosing Parkway for your commercial pest control needs include:

  • No worry of indoor pollutants.

  • No health worries for your employees or customers.

  • Our services help you to reduce liability.

  • Contact us today and start controlling pests in and around your Kings Point business.

Why Kings Point Residents Turn To Parkway Pest Services

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Kings Point residents turn to Parkway Pest Services simply because they trust us! We have been in the business of pest control for over 80 years and have developed long-standing relationships in all of the communities we serve. We specialize in controlling pests through Integrated Pest Management strategies, and we are green certified - ensuring that your family and pets will be safe, and pests will be gone!

Other benefits you receive by choosing Parkway Pest Services for your Kings Point pest control needs include programs that are designed and administered by our board certified entomologist and staff agronomist, and certified technicians that receive constant training and are continuously updated on the changing technologies associated with pest control so that they are always able to provide you with superior pest control services.

Contact us today to find out why so many Kings Point residents choose Parkway Pest Services!


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